Synonyms for Stretch:


attenuated, foreshortened, floor-length, elongated, come down, go up, go down, abbreviated, full-length. get down to, finish, go through, deplete, run out, spin, long, produce, swallow up, exhaust, Prolongate, eat into, use up, eat up. bodybuilding, Outstretch, aerobic, aquarobics, fan, the burn, boxercise, chin up, aerobics, move, calisthenics, circuit training, unroll. eke out, get by, afford, subsist, scratch a living, live from hand to mouth, scrape by. ride up, fit, flow, bag, hug, lie, hang, horizontal, pucker, fall down, repose, breathe, recline, bunch. captivity, internment, preventive detention, custodial, condemned, inside, detention, captive, custody. ground, groundwater, open water, lagoon, inlet, Narrows, sound, channel, neck. inside track, line, straightaway, course, starting line, inside lane, the home stretch, start, straight, circuit. last, go back, last out, clock in at. heave, tug, tear at, pluck at, jerk, trail, tow, drag, pull. exempt, bend the rules (for someone), excuse, let off, bend/stretch the rules. give, sponginess, suppleness, plasticity, malleability, resilience, pliability, flexibility, play. go mad, be going soft (in the head), lose it, not know your ass from your elbow, take leave of your senses, be/go out of your mind, have a screw loose, be off your head. extent (noun)
field, extent, leeway, measure, span, plateau, zone, room, region, neighborhood, space, scope, plane, range, territory, area, volume, length, dimension, scale, reach, acreage.
stretch (noun)
time, extent, length, area, region, scope, range, reach, space, duration, spread, dimension, span, distance.


amplify (verb)
enlarge, augment, exaggerate, extend.
arch (verb)
body (verb)
change (verb)
exaggerate (verb)
distort, hyperbolize, caricature, overpraise, overestimate, overvalue, embellish, overstate, aggrandize, Overdevelop, exaggerate, overrate.
expand (verb)
develop, burgeon, dilate, engorge, spread, extend, widen, increment, increase, enlarge, magnify, lengthen, expand, fatten, swell, augment, thicken, distend, broaden, inflate, grow, amplify.
extend (verb)
prolong, elongate.
lengthen (verb)
expand, lengthen, elongate, extend, prolong.
stretch (verb)
repose, inflate, lengthen, unroll, widen, grow, recline, Prolongate, swell, develop, pull, distend, magnify, prolong, amplify, expand.

Other synonyms:

clock in at, extensible, extensile, afford, scrape by, stretchable, plasticity, protractile, subsist, extendible, Outstretch, expansible, truncate, expansile. flexibility, last out, exempt, spin, telescope, repose, resilience, recline. duration, fan, besiege, swamp, unroll, lie, overwork, hang. go back, distance, last, overload. relax, occupy. let off, excuse. bend, kick, time. produce. wave. work. play. drive. give. expand
thicken, expand.
open up

Usage examples for stretch

  1. I have brought pretty nearly all the officers with me, and I dared not stretch it further." – With Moore At Corunna by G. A. Henty
  2. Can't we go a stretch along the lower part of the town? – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume
  3. I tried to turn, but was able only to stretch my legs and arms. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson