Synonyms for Oddity:


nonconforming (adjective)
crosspatch, curious, erratic, incongruous, out of the ordinary, aberrant, unusual, unique, peculiar, anomalous, strange, fey, deviant, unfamiliar, improper, abnormal, inconsistent, unconventional, deranged, mismatch, atypical, nonconforming, crazy, different, singular, quirky, off, novel, untypical, exceptional, extraordinary, incompatible, uncustomary, freakish, bizarre, outlandish, funny, divergent, un-ordinary, idiosyncratic, misfit, uncommon, odd, irregular, oddball, eccentric.


collision, characteristic, variety, contrast, a world of difference, contradiction, diversity, variation, distinction. character, space cadet, original, headcase, madwoman, maniac, card, lunatic, nutjob, usual, madman. abnormality (noun)
curiosity, queerness, idiosyncrasy, oddness, characteristic, anomaly, rarity, outlandishness, irregularity, singularity, phenomenon, quirk, peculiarity, incongruity, strangeness, eccentricity, unconventionality, freakishness.
attribute (noun)
curiosity (noun)
oddity (noun)
curio, quirk, queerness, rarity, crotchet, peculiarity, quirkiness, oddness, curiosity, oddment.
prodigy (noun)
expert, crackerjack, sensation, star, mahatma, phenomenon, prodigy, paragon, thunderbolt, magician, talent, shocker, wonder, genius, wizard, stunner, whiz, luminary, marvel, miracle, rarity, spectacle.
unconformity (noun)
nonconformity, irregularity, aberrance, derangement, exception, aberration, funniness, outlandishness, anomaly, eccentricity, divergence, difference, peculiarity, inconsistency, deviation, uncommonness, abnormality, singularity, unconventionality, unfamiliarity, idiosyncrasy, impropriety, strangeness, uniqueness, incompatibility, incongruity, freakishness, curiosity, quirkiness.

Other synonyms:

headcase, nutjob, space cadet. madman, madwoman, card. maniac, lunatic. character. Other relevant words:
characteristic, quirk, queerness, headcase, card, original, curio, oddment, character, oddness, nutjob, madwoman, madman, crotchet.

Usage examples for oddity

  1. They had observed the oddity before. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)