Synonyms for Curiosity:


occasion, number, paradox, happening. meddling, inquisitive, inquiring, enquiring, curious, prying, curiously, nosy. curiousness, investigate. snoopiness. amazement (noun)
cognition (noun)
curiosity (noun)
inquisitiveness, oddity, curio, oddment, rarity, interest, peculiarity, wonder, fascination, nosiness.
desire to know (noun)
regard, questioning, searching, concern.
intense desire to know, understand (noun)
interest, prying, concern, questioning, searching, meddling, regard, snoopiness, inquisitiveness, nosiness.
odd item (noun)
oddity, wonder, prodigy, curio, rarity, anomaly, marvel.
prodigy (noun)
luminary, paragon, wizard, crackerjack, genius, wonder, expert, whiz, spectacle, stunner, prodigy, marvel, star, mahatma, rarity, talent, thunderbolt, magician, miracle, phenomenon, sensation, shocker.
ridiculousness (noun)
grotesqueness, ludicrousness, silliness, absurdity, farce, nonsensicality, incredibility, outrageousness, bizarreness, craziness, foolishness, preposterousness, dubiousness, weirdness, ridiculousness.
surprise (noun)
unconformity (noun)
freakishness, deviation, impropriety, inconsistency, aberration, singularity, peculiarity, strangeness, aberrance, idiosyncrasy, nonconformity, irregularity, oddity, difference, uncommonness, outlandishness, unconventionality, derangement, incongruity, incompatibility, exception, divergence, anomaly, eccentricity, quirkiness, funniness, unfamiliarity, abnormality, uniqueness.

Other synonyms:

number, enquiring, paradox, happening, snoopiness, curiousness, nosy. inquiring, inquisitive, curiously. curious, questioning. Other relevant words:
prying, inquiring, nosy, snoopiness, paradox, enquiring, curious, concern, inquisitive, occasion, meddling, searching, oddment, curiousness, curio, happening, investigate, questioning, curiously, regard, number.

Usage examples for curiosity

  1. She wrote other books, but none of them is read to- day, except as a matter of duty or curiosity – American Men of Mind by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. Lady Henry's first look was one of curiosity – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. The Princess was waiting for her, wild with curiosity to know what had happened. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr