Synonyms for Whatnot:


and so forth (adjective)
Et cetera.


last but not least, bauble, Et cetera, to begin with, trifle, gewgaw, thing, toy, firstly, gimcrack, second, and so on/forth, secondly, ...or something (like that), thirdly, lastly, trinket, Bibelot. curio (noun)
toy, trinket, trifle, bauble, Bibelot.
novelty (noun)
gewgaw, gimcrack.
trifle (noun)
trinket (noun)
bauble, Bibelot, trinket.
whatnot (noun)
knickknackery, knickknack, nicknack, Bric-a brac.

Other synonyms:

gewgaw, Bibelot. gimcrack, bauble, toy, trinket. trifle. bric-a-brac
Bric-a brac.
Other relevant words:
gimcrack, bauble, toy, Bibelot, trifle, gewgaw, Et cetera, trinket.