Synonyms for Ruin:


overthrow, mark, take its toll, extinction, hurt, demolition, disfigure, stain, destruction. climb, acquire, descend, beggar, ascent, rubble, come out, vestige, disestablish, remains, comedown, ruins. balcony, catacombs, bay, cornerstone, alcove, ceiling, addition, beading, brickwork, body. decay, wrecker, destroyer, sabotage, the ravages of something. junk, garbage, litter, landfill, e-waste, debris. antique (noun)
destruction (noun)
havoc, ruination, devastation.
loss (noun)
depletion, penalty, divestiture, setback, dispossession, attrition, decrement, dissolution, erosion, deprivation, expropriation, forfeiture, shrinkage, privation, decrease, loss, exhaustion, dissipation, debit.
losses (noun)
be out of pocket, be/get burned, write off, take a bath.
ruin (noun)
debacle, bane, overthrow, downfall, landslide, wrecking, dilapidation, shipwreck, ruination, havoc, collision, wreckage, deflower, breakdown, dissolution, undoing, break up, loss, apocalypse, failure, ruining, waste, demolition, damage, decay, extinction, break, destroy, bankrupt, wreck, laying waste, destruction.
ruins (noun)
remains, rubble, debris.
state (noun)
waste (noun)


annihilate (verb)
assault (verb)
contact (verb)
damage (verb)
mar, damage, rend, Depredate, waste, ransack, vandalize, ravage, wreak havoc, spoil, despoil, lay waste, pillage.
ruin (verb)
break, bankrupt, mutilate, wrack, spoil, disfigure, shatter, mar, lay waste, pillage, beggar, Depredate, despoil.

Other synonyms:

destruction, e-waste, eat away, wrecker, decay, wrack, bane, mutilate, rubble, obliterate. garbage, landfill, debris, remains. destroyer, undoing, sabotage, shatter, write off. junk. trash. litter. consume
laying waste, lay waste.
Other relevant words:
deflower, bankrupt, devastation, shatter, ruination, destruction, overthrow, devastate, ruins, downfall, break, undoing, destroy.

Usage examples for ruin

  1. But it was not his bowling, fine as it was, which promised to work our ruin so much as the absurd belief entertained by the members of the team that he- check trousers and all- was a ghost. – Amusement Only by Richard Marsh
  2. You have no right to ruin my whole life. – John Bull's Other Island by George Bernard Shaw
  3. Do you want to ruin us both? – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance