Synonyms for Wallow:


overflow, nurse, let yourself go, feel, possess, experience, burn, walk away with, give up to, tingle. indulge, go under, bask, go down, roll, luxuriate, swim, carry, like, rollick, splash, duck. move, flounder. grovel (noun)
lie in, bathe in, flounder, besmirch oneself, be immersed in, roll about in, toss, move around in.
wallow (noun)
revel, welter, billow, triumph, rejoice.


become very involved in (verb)
luxuriate, rollick, revel, bask.
immerse (verb)
engulf, dunk, bathe, drown, inundate, immerse, submerge, dip, flood, plunge, sink, douse.
motion (verb)
slosh around in (verb)
flounder, bathe in, roll, welter, immerse, toss, move around in.

Other synonyms:

luxuriate. rollick. indulge. roll. loll
Other relevant words:
rollick, bask, like, toss, rejoice, indulge, move around in, billow, triumph, welter, roll, luxuriate, flounder, give up to, revel, bathe in, splash.

Usage examples for wallow

  1. On one side was a wild wallow of tossing water; on the other- as far as the surface of the river was concerned- an almost complete calm. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman
  2. Sometimes for their sleeping place the captain would select a glade in the jungle, or where a stream had cut a little opening in the forest, or a sandy island, with tall rushes on either side and the hot African moon shining on the white sand and turning the palms to silver, or they would pitch camp in a buffalo wallow where the grass and mud had been trampled into a clay floor by the hoofs of hundreds of wild animals. – The Congo and Coasts of Africa by Richard Harding Davis