Synonyms for Privilege:


edge, virtue, asset, good, trump card, merit, due, advantage, benefit, incentive. bail, assign, cause, cancel, alienation, chance, attest, assignment, event, opportunity, blind trust, alienate, cancellation. high ground, harmony, luxury, comfort, calm, paradise, the good life, peace. authority (noun)
command, entitlement, authority, office, title, cogency, empowerment, prerogative, precedence, influence, rank, potency, force, commission, control, primacy, sovereignty, purview, power, prestige, mastery, puissance, charge, kingship, sway, right, faculty, superiority, stature, Prepotency, powerfulness, steam, clout, credential, birthright, strength, seniority, might, enfranchisement, punch, mightiness, domination, mandate.
dismissal (noun)
dismissal, absolution, permission, dispensation, discharge, liberty, amnesty, pardon, waiver, license, excuse, freedom, concession, reprieve, relief, exemption, immunity, stay, exception, release.
freedom (noun)
liberty, enfranchisement.
permit (noun)
privilege (noun)
favour, prerogative, favor, perquisite, exclusive right.
rank (noun)
right, due (noun)
advantage, authority, benefit, entitlement, perquisite, license, concession, event, right, chance, immunity, freedom, liberty, birthright, opportunity, exemption, prerogative, favor.


dismiss (verb)
except, free, dispel, absolve, relieve, dismiss, liberate, exempt, permit.
social (verb)
favour, favor.

Other synonyms:

edge, comfort, high ground, asset, advantage, incentive, the good life, virtue. paradise, peace, trump card, merit. luxury, benefit. harmony. calm. good. Other relevant words:
advantage, calm, due, luxury, chance, paradise, opportunity, favor, comfort, event, benefit, favour, peace, virtue, perquisite, exclusive right.