Synonyms for Domination:


monopoly, greatness, oligopoly. over, preponderance, preeminence, ascendance, dominance, Preponderancy, paramountcy. jurisdiction, dominion, say-so. command (noun)
reign, prowess, grasp, grip, will, rule, hold, coordination, law.
control (noun)
helm, direction, control, administration (of an estate), bridle, management, discipline, leadership, harness, conn, oversight, government, command.
control; subjection (noun)
sway, might, power, Preponderancy, influence, rule, superiority, ascendancy, supremacy, dominion, Prepotency, jurisdiction, authority, sovereignty, dominance, command.
domination (noun)
supremacy, mastery.
say-so (noun)
success (noun)
fulfillment, championship, attainment, victory, accomplishment, successfulness, conquest, success, fruition, ascendancy, triumph, consummation, achievement.
supremacy (noun)
predominance, mastery, supremacy, superiority.

Other synonyms:

greatness, ascendance, Preponderancy, paramountcy, oligopoly, preeminence, say-so, dominance. jurisdiction, dominion, preponderance, monopoly. Other relevant words:
paramountcy, jurisdiction, greatness, Preponderancy, ascendance, preponderance, monopoly, preeminence, over, dominion, say-so, oligopoly, dominance.

Usage examples for domination

  1. Nevertheless, as regards the other two evils, self- assertion and domination I notice a definite superiority to ourselves in Chinese practice. – The Problem of China by Bertrand Russell
  2. They have to vote for somebody, and nobody is prepared to allow them much without a full return in money or domination – A Poor Man's House by Stephen Sydney Reynolds
  3. It was also characteristic enough of the crowned conspirators, that the clause relating to the United Provinces provided that the allies would either assist them in the attainment of their independence, or- if it should be considered expedient to restore them to the domination of Spain or the empire- would take such precautions and lay down such conditions as would procure perfect tranquillity for them, and remove from the two allied kings the fear of a too absolute government by the house of Austria in those provinces. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley