Synonyms for Elevate:


double, go through the roof, step up, add to, heave, tilt. jump, kick up. correct, improve, ennoble, enrich, improve on, remedy, aggrandize, revitalize, optimization, apotheosize. signalize, distinguish, respect, honor. buoy, flush, exhilarate, inspire, inspirit, animate, elate, happy. elevate (noun)
advance, lift, upgrade, promote, raise, kick upstairs, bring up.


ascend (verb)
escalade, lift, float, levitate, soar, rise, ascend, scale, mount, climb.
change (verb)
lift, raise.
elevate (verb)
erect, hoist, upraise, rear, uplift, exalt, escalate.
heighten (verb)
increase (verb)
boost, broaden, magnify, advance, extend, widen, maximize, increment, burgeon, heighten, add, enlarge, amplify, accrue, upgrade, expand, increase, fatten, augment, inflate, lengthen, reinforce, grow, multiply, raise.
lift up (verb)
tilt, heighten, levitate, erect, rear, upraise, hoist, uphold, raise, uplift, take up.
promote; augment (verb)
glorify, aggrandize, dignify, advance, exalt, magnify, boost, honor, ennoble, increase, upgrade.
raise spirits (verb)
animate, bring up, inspire, exhilarate, elate.
social (verb)
advance, kick upstairs, upgrade, raise, promote.

Other synonyms:

catapult, ennoble, elate, elevation, Uprear, glorify, advancement, heave, exhilarate, bump up. uphold, buoy, signalize, inspirit. take up, aggrandize, inspire, animate. distinguish, flush. jump. distinguish

Usage examples for elevate

  1. He did not throw his efforts into the public strife to elevate the condition of the majority, but he loaded himself on the shoulders of his followers to ride into divine greatness. – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays by Lemuel K. Washburn
  2. It may be an excellent method- but it does not tend to elevate a man in his own eyes, and it certainly does not do much to restore his lost dignity. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli