Synonyms for Advert:


advertorial, bumper sticker, classified ad, words, point out, circular, billboard, banner, banner ad. advert (noun)
allude, touch, cite, name, pay attention, give ear, attend, bring up, mention, advertisement, refer, advertizing, hang, advertizement, advertising, pay heed.


perception (verb)
give ear, hang, pay heed, attend.
refer (verb)

Other synonyms:

classified ad, bumper sticker, advertorial, billboard, banner, banner ad. circular. Other relevant words:
circular, words, advertorial, billboard, banner, point out.

Usage examples for advert

  1. The writer, in combating received opinions, has found it necessary to advert more particularly to those passages in the writings of Adam Smith from which he sees reason to differ; but he hopes it will not on that account be suspected that he does not, in common with all those who acknowledge the importance of the science of Political Economy, participate in the admiration which the profound work of this celebrated author so justly excites. – On The Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation by David Ricardo