Synonyms for Cite:


sing someone's/something's praises, flatter, congratulate, pat someone on the back, eulogize, order, extol, pay someone a compliment, acclaim, compliment. explode, repudiate, confound, dispute, instance, disprove, refute, discredit, deflate, debunk, specific, specify, disabuse. appear, words, bring, bring before, lay, allow, law, appeal. refer to, talk in terms of something, tell of. cite (noun)
abduce, quote, summon, reference, adduce, mention, summons.
communication (noun)
mention, reference, credit.


accuse (verb)
complain, accuse, charge, inculpate, implicate, denounce, condemn, arraign, reproach, criticize, impeach, scold, incriminate, allege.
attribute (verb)
accredit, assign, ascribe, connect, credit, set, blame, mark, apply, impute, cast, brand, place, refer, attribute, acknowledge, attach.
communication (verb)
mention, refer.
note, quote (verb)
point out, specify, enumerate, adduce, allege, mention, offer, present, instance, tell, indicate, recount, advance, number, evidence, excerpt, extract, refer to, reference, recite, lay, allude to, exemplify, rehearse, repeat.
offer (verb)
endow, render, advance, tender, bestow, submit, present, quote, approach, extend, invite, issue, offer, impart, grant, give, deal, attempt, bid.
subpoena (verb)
order, summon, arraign.
sue (verb)
indict, litigate, subpoena, prosecute, summons, sue.

Other synonyms:

adage, aphorism, battle cry, axiom, cliche, catchphrase. bring before, appeal, binomial, cheer. specify, allow, appear, bring. lay. accuse
indict, litigate.
instance, refer to.
Other relevant words:
cheer, order, excerpt, adage, appeal, mention, bring, commend, summon, cliche, lay, specify, rehearse, enumerate, allude to, extract, number, reference, point out, praise, binomial, axiom, recite, indicate, refer to, exemplify, recount, adduce, repeat, instance, aphorism, evidence, compliment, eulogize, abduce, tell.

Usage examples for cite

  1. We cannot cite the names of the leaders or the centres of direction, we cannot produce documentary evidence as to their methods of organization or their final aims. – Secret Societies And Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster
  2. It would not be difficult to cite many other examples among men who lived to advanced old age and who considered that they owed their good health and long life to daily habits of outdoor exercise. – Health Through Will Power by James J. Walsh
  3. Were I to cite my proofs, gentlemen, continued the philosopher, whose spirit appeared to be much less moved by our doubts than ours were by his position- I should in the first place refer you to history. – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper