Synonyms for Cheapen:


bounce back, Capping, bottom out, climb, beat down, bargain, appraise, cap. better. cheapen (noun)
degrade, belittle, depreciate, downgrade, devalue, lower.
ruin (noun)
damage, corrupt, mar, undervalue, spoil, render worthless.


change (verb)
cheapen (verb)
degrade, devaluate, belittle, depreciate, cut, diminish, trim, shave, deflate, pare, discount, debase, reduce, lower, slash, devalue, mark down.
diminish worth (verb)
debase, mar, lower, damage, degrade, reduce, render worthless, downgrade, mark down, beat down, depreciate, belittle, undervalue, spoil, corrupt, devalue.

Other synonyms:

Capping. beat down, bounce back. downgrade. bargain. depress. Other relevant words:
Capping, render worthless, mar, damage, downgrade, spoil, depress, bargain, beat down, undervalue, corrupt, taint.

Usage examples for cheapen

  1. At " cheapen the cost" his big ears twitched as if they had been tickled. – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips