Synonyms for Excite:


interest, annoy, convulse, worry, galvanize, infuriate, chill, delight, amaze, anger, fire someone with enthusiasm, bother, jolt, warm, intrigue, get going, fluster, thrill, carry away, inspire, madden, goad, tease, pique, dazzle, work up, astound, irritate. start, bring out, trigger, fuse, ignite, dilate, accelerate, bring about, attract, precipitate, affect, intensify. bandage, touch off, spur, bring back, anaesthetize, propel, motivate, cauterize, bleed, catheterize, anesthetize, attend, bypass, prod, egg on, set off, catch. hot, on the pull, desire, want, randy, excited, frisky. excite (noun)
charge up, shake up, stimulate, commove, energize, charge, shake, rouse, stir, energise.


excite (verb)
disquiet, Impassion, arouse, inflame, stimulate, electrify, fire, disturb, exhilarate.
inspire; upset (verb)
delight, disturb, irritate, worry, animate, infuriate, electrify, precipitate, warm, anger, jolt, work up, goad, galvanize, inflame, arouse, bother, thrill, touch off, start, stimulate, accelerate, fluster, annoy, rouse, agitate, energize, madden, tease, fire, amaze, astound, intensify.
invigorate (verb)
agitate, activate, enthuse, enliven, energize, invigorate, power, animate, strengthen, revive, rouse.
perception (verb)
stir, stimulate.

Other synonyms:

motivate, randy, delight, dazzle, galvanize. desire, excited, attract, egg on, frisky, trigger, thrill, inspire. jolt, intrigue, want, prod, tease, pique. propel. hot. bring out. interest. enchant
carry away.
touch off.
get going.
work up
work up.
Other relevant words:
dazzle, attract, egg on, ignite, anger, delight, pique, desire, charge, want, charge up, astound, get going, goad, accelerate, intensify, madden, shake up, bypass, catch, worry, touch off, trigger, shake, commove, dilate, precipitate, fuse, intrigue, interest, jolt, motivate, attend, randy, inspire, start, energise, thrill, cauterize, hot, bring about, irritate, infuriate, bother, affect, warm, anesthetize, work up, galvanize, prod, fluster, frisky, convulse, chill, excited, bleed, propel, carry away, amaze, spur, annoy, tease, stir, catheterize, anaesthetize, bandage.

Usage examples for excite

  1. He did not wish to excite suspicion, should any chance onlooker see him, by a sudden dash. – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne
  2. To tell the truth, Mary, who had received no confidence from her cousin,- and who was a girl slow to excite or give a confidence,- had seen some sign, or heard some word which had created on her mind a suspicion of the truth. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  3. You excite my fears. – The Amulet by Hendrik Conscience