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galvanize - 71 results
Examples of usage:

Nevil should have stuck to that, instead of trying to galvanize the country and turning against his class. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.

At first, I think, this astonishing innuendo did not fully penetrate to my mind, but when it did so, it seemed to galvanize me. - "Bat Wing", Sax Rohmer.

The means that novelists and playwrights employ to galvanize the public mind and compel its attention, are to be found again, in their rudiments, in our most commonplace conversations, in our letter- writing, and above all in public speaking. - "The Simple Life", Charles Wagner.

Similar words:

galvanise, galvaniser, galvanic, galvani, galvanic battery, galvanic cell, galvanic pile, galvanic skin response, gallinule, Florida Gallinule.

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