Synonyms for Inspired:


all (adjective)
divine, elysian.
inspired (adjective)
excited, motivated, animated, started, ecstatic, touched, exalted, Transported, Energized, possessed, encouraged, fired, divine, moved, Influenced.


commendable, admirable, distinguished, noteworthy, enviable, praiseworthy, respected, heroic, awesome, awe-inspiring. exalted, touched, ecstatic, Transported, possessed, held. inspired (noun)
elysian, divine, glorious.
stimulated (noun)
excited, started, Influenced, animated.


caused (verb)
executed, forced, enforced, Engendered, induced, Caused, Originated, Generated, elicited, given rise to, produced, provoked, brought about, gave rise to, Brought, driven, Acted, evoked, effected, Engineered, made, drove, motivated.
cheered (verb)
pleased, Consoled, gladdened, Cheered, Lightened, Brightened, heartened, enlivened.
motivated (verb)
Slung, fired, Jerked, thrown, Jostled, Urged, pitched, impelled, heaved, triggered, struck, Hurled, Flung, Instigated, Knocked, moved, goaded, Lobbed, magnetized, Pushed, Threw, Fomented, stricken, jolted, fermented, Hurtled, Jogged, Poked, shot, Hastened, Punched, Propelled, Bumped, Enticed, Launched, Prodded, nudged, catapulted, Rammed, thrust, Shoved, Energized, stimulated.
moved (verb)
received (verb)
engorged, received, accessed, absorbed, taken, Gobbled, Gulped, ingested, eaten, ate, Pocketed, accepted, Got, admitted, inhaled, swallowed, Took, devoured, acquired, Assimilated.

Other synonyms:

encouraged. aroused
Other relevant words:
elysian, excited, glorious, divine, exalted, animated, touched.

Usage examples for inspired

  1. But, the motive which inspired the deed was noble. – Sketches of Reforms and Reformers, of Great Britain and Ireland by Henry B. Stanton
  2. I was glad that it was she who inspired them. – Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis