Synonyms for Inflame:


incense, invoke, touch, madden, anger, have, affect. infect, congest, compound, redden, make matters/things worse, swell, add fuel to the fire/flames, complicate, do more harm than good, worsen, escalate. torch. motivate, galvanize, impel, trigger, move, propel, spur, egg on, inspire, work up, goad, prod, pique, touch off, prompt, cause. inflame (noun)
ignite, kindle, conflagrate, fire up, wake, stir up, heat, enkindle.


aggravate (verb)
exasperate, enrage, envenom, bait, harry, infuriate, bother, vex, fret, peeve, nag, badger, irk, discompose, antagonize, exacerbate, disturb, annoy, needle, arouse, aggravate, perturb, bedevil, tease, upset, rankle, pester, trouble, hassle, grate, harass.
excite (verb)
agitate, fire, exhilarate, Impassion, energize, stimulate, animate, disquiet, electrify, excite.
ignite (verb)
ignite, burn, light, kindle.
pain (verb)
sore, stitch, chafe, rack, wrench, sting, suffer, discomfort, anguish, crick, smart, distress, irritate, torment, hurt, cramp, agonize, throb, torture, ache, pain, throe, afflict.
sensitize (verb)

Other synonyms:

worsen, complicate. escalate, egg on, trigger, motivate. impel, galvanize, prod, pique. propel, compound. inspire. move. agitate
irk, grate.
touch off.
set on fire
work up
work up.

Usage examples for inflame

  1. And, Second, Inflame thy will. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  2. He said he could be of no use elsewhere, and his presence with the Auto Boys would but inflame Murky as much against them as himself if they chanced to meet him. – The Auto Boys' Mystery by James A. Braden
  3. Sometimes it is buried in considerable quantities in the earth, and then they contrive to inflame it, and to escape in time. – The History of Sandford and Merton by Thomas Day