Synonyms for Roughen:


bubble, boil, boil away, bake, break down, clear, cloud, boil over, boil up, atomize.


derange (verb)
disturb, disorganize, jumble, ripple, tamper, disorder, roil, displace, perturb, confuse, capsize, meddle, dislocate, botch, trouble, rummage, scramble, agitate, misplace, blur, mislay, toss, confound, hash, churn, whip, discompose, tumble, clutter, ruffle, disarrange, swirl, mix up, rumple, tousle, mess, scatter, ferment, convulse, derange, upset, whisk, muss, dishevel, muddle.
harden (verb)
roughen (verb)
scuff, scratch, coarsen, gnarl.

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Usage examples for roughen

  1. With this long, sharp ovipositor the grasshopper can roughen the bark of twigs or make holes in the stems of plants or in the earth. – The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley