Synonyms for Trigger:


coax, stir, Ingenerate, occasion, generate, bring, result in, engage, bring about, cause, flash, secure, control, eject, lead to, effectuate, make, effect, bring on, flick. come to, bring back, refresh someone's memory, incitement, recall, jog someone's memory, stimulus, incitation, flood back, instigation, bring/call someone/something to mind, remind, awake. butt, barrel, bore, gauge, calibre, caliber, hammer, chamber, clip. form, inaugurate, start-off, catalyze, invent, create. act (noun)
induction, initiation.
causes (noun)
contributor, influence, impetus, occasion, culprit, source, base.
motive (noun)
enticement, energy, fermentation, propulsion, magnetism, induction, goading, compulsion, impulsion, fomentation, stimulation, prompting, facilitation, motive, catalyst, provocation.
trigger (noun)
gun trigger, spark, trip, actuate, set off, spark off, induction, touch off, initiation, activate, trigger off.
weapon (noun)
boomerang, lance, colt, torpedo, pistol, claymore, carbine, gun, spear, dagger, blowgun, arrow, saber, rapier, broadsword, stiletto, armament, artillery, revolver, sword, muzzle, cannon, club, javelin, blowpipe, bayonet, missile, heater, Remington, knife, winchester, ordnance, peashooter, piece, firearm, bomber, ammunition, bullet, shooter, mace, bow and arrow, mortar, Bilbo, weaponry, scimitar, bazooka, machine gun, shotgun, browning, flamethrower, cutlass, luger, sidewinder, machete, weapon, blunderbuss, rocket, handgun, shell, battery, ax, repeater, rifle, howitzer, musket.


activate (verb)
energize, move, stimulate, motivate, impel, propel, actuate, stir.
begin (verb)
effect, create, drive, make, induce, inaugurate, occasion, instigate, launch.
energize (verb)
excite, work up.
father (verb)
goad (verb)
force, spur, push, thrust, prod, urge, encourage.
incite (verb)
egg on, inflame, inspire, goad, foment, influence, coax, persuade.
motivate (verb)
fling, hurtle, magnetize, hurl, hasten, jog, encourage, jolt, poke, jostle, entice, bump, strike, fire, nudge, inspire, force, lob, provoke, shoot, jerk, energize, induce, ram, goad, throw, motivate, pitch, thrust, prod, move, ferment, punch, prompt, heave, urge, shove, foment, stimulate, catapult, drive, instigate, propel, launch, knock, sling, impel, push.
trigger (verb)
bring about, prompt, spark, generate, cause, provoke, activate, set off.

Other synonyms:

effectuate, remind, invent, Ingenerate, incitation, flood back, bring about. egg on, incitement, inaugurate, instigation, excite, lead to, catalyze. bring back, generate, stimulus, galvanize, create, pique, awake, work up. inflame, recall, stir, come to. effect, spur. bring. form. cause. make. effect
work up.
touch off.
set off.
Other relevant words:
create, spark, inflame, occasion, recall, touch off, bring on, egg on, invent, make, incitation, lead to, stir, pique, trip, bring about, gun trigger, work up, cause, secure, actuate, inaugurate, contributor, activate, generate, engage, effectuate, remind, awake, result in, bring, spur, stimulus, effect, spark off, Ingenerate, excite, source, instigation, trigger off, incitement, initiation, galvanize.

Usage examples for trigger

  1. The man had declared in his panic of fear before the magistrates that he had never dreamt of doing Mistress Corbet an injury, but that she had ridden across just as he drew the trigger to shoot the priest's horse and stop him that way. – By What Authority? by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. The bait hangs from the trigger above the wolverine's reach. – The Story of the Trapper by A. C. Laut