Synonyms for Incite:


excite, work up, spur, provoke, pique. arouse (noun)
excite, talk into, whip on, blow the coals, fan the flame, provoke, induce, sic, inspirit, urge on, lash into a fury, work up, hold sway over, spur, persuade, rouse, animate, exhort, taunt, influence, coax, whip up.
incite (noun)
instigate, motivate, egg on, prompt, actuate, propel, stir up, set off, prod, move.


compel (verb)
cause, goad, dictate, impel, mandate, stress, browbeat, motivate, compel, foment, spark, pressure, push, daunt, press, nag, coerce, intimidate, hijack, propel, bully, dragoon, stimulate, bulldoze, oblige, drive, galvanize, urge.
creation (verb)
actuate, propel, prompt, move, motivate.
encourage, provoke (verb)
drive, stimulate, spur, impel, animate, induce, whip up, influence, foment, exhort, prompt, coax, push, motivate, talk into, set off, work up, excite, actuate, goad, egg on, instigate, stir up, inspirit, persuade, taunt, provoke, rouse, urge.

Other synonyms:

provoke. pique. arouse
egg on
set off.
stir up
stir up.
work up
work up.

Usage examples for incite

  1. There are also statutes applying and very greatly extending the old common- law doctrine of loss of service; making it highly criminal for a neighbor to incite a servant or employee to break his contract or even to accept the work of a laborer without ascertaining that he has not broken such contract, as, for instance, by a certificate of discharge from his last master. – Popular Law-making by Frederic Jesup Stimson