Synonyms for Stimulate:


attract, dazzle, enthuse, intrigue, interest, fire someone with enthusiasm. egg on, invent, work up, set off, touch off, pique, catalyze, bring about, inaugurate, spur, start-off. cellular, help, cell membrane, culture medium, cell, cell wall, cytology, vitalize, culture, chloroplast. arouse (noun)
spur, study at animate.
stimulate (noun)
shake up, arouse, perk up, energize, stir, get, rush, brace, provoke, shake, induce, energise, cause, have, make, hasten, excite.


amuse (verb)
beguile, enthrall, entertain, relax, delight, please, charm, amuse, distract, refresh, divert, lighten.
change (verb)
compel (verb)
dragoon, press, dictate, galvanize, drive, bulldoze, mandate, nag, propel, incite, cause, goad, spark, foment, hijack, bully, stress, push, urge, pressure, impel, browbeat, motivate, daunt, compel, intimidate, coerce, oblige.
emotion (verb)
shake up, excite, stir, shake.
excite (verb)
animate, excite, energize, Impassion, disquiet, fire, arouse, agitate, disturb, inflame, electrify, exhilarate.
excite, provoke (verb)
galvanize, encourage, inflame, inspire, pique, motivate, enliven, spark, animate, incite, urge, exhilarate, trigger, spur, foment, prod, impel, goad, vitalize, prompt, work up, arouse, fire, instigate, energize, move.
motivate (verb)
inspire, strike, induce, nudge, bump, thrust, jog, fling, lob, punch, trigger, hurtle, jostle, jerk, entice, poke, provoke, move, launch, pitch, sling, instigate, throw, hurl, shoot, heave, hasten, ferment, shove, knock, jolt, encourage, magnetize, prod, force, ram, catapult, prompt.
refresh (verb)
reinvigorate, invigorate, freshen, enliven, restore, renew, recoup, recover, recuperate, rejuvenate, resuscitate, rally, recharge.

Other synonyms:

egg on. pique, vitalize. amuse
touch off.

Usage examples for stimulate

  1. From the point where it now leaned against the balusters back to the lateral corridor or hall, there were many little details to arrest and stimulate my curiosity. – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk
  2. There is something in the nature of travel to stimulate rather than satisfy the appetite, and it does not seem that any who have once entered on the vocation are able or willing to withdraw themselves from it. – Celebrated Women Travellers of the Nineteenth Century by W. H. Davenport Adams