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stimulate - 386 results
Other synonyms:

generate, scram, feature, attract, invoke, defecate, pee, commence, cell membrane, bring, reorganize, chivvy, wake up, percolate, consume, dazzle, grow, nonplus, egg on, make believe, culture, charge, perk, commove, stool, stick, suffer, help, micturate, gravel, sex, induct, set off, start, induce, ready, energise, dumbfound, ginger, liven, awaken, inaugurate, ingest, realize, study at animate, bucket along, stir, wind up, give, fetch, find, mother, take a shit, beget, acquire, flummox, engender, bear, fillip, ca-ca, reach, realise, vivify, birth, stabilise, beset, hit, pelt along, draw, go, conjure, get, throw off, puddle, bugger off, convey, vex, arouse, clear, contract, raise, spike, arrive at, come, arrive, spur, chivy, kindle, take in, shift, capture, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, belt along, interest, piddle, work up, pull in, kick up, rouse, fire someone with enthusiasm, bump around, experience, wake, score, rock, get down, elicit, progress to, catalyze, perplex, father, perk up, lay down, prick, sustain, form, succuss, awake, cellular, own, aim, start off, festinate, pay off, take, cook, enthuse, build, prepare, take a crap, do, excite, spend a penny, make up, piss, let, jazz, plump up, attain, look sharp, begin, fluff up, bring up, call forth, turn on, catch, pretend, wee, cause, raise up, -celled, hassle, provoke, set out, hasten, rev, baffle, reorganise, work, sire, brace, zip, chevy, constitute, have got, didder, invent, poise, escape from, set about, cannonball along, quicken, conjure up, stupefy, make water, start out, put forward, give birth, relieve oneself, expedite, develop, cytology, pee-pee, chevvy, pick up, name, plague, chloroplast, spur, become, stabilize, construct, rush along, bring on, hie, stir up, beat, earn, get under one's skin, nominate, jump-start, incur, budge, pass water, have, seduce, mystify, obtain, produce, amp, culture medium, puzzle, amaze, bring about, arrest, pep, crap, vitalize, shake up, speed, step on it, take a leak, cell wall, shake, harass, pay back, charge up, cell, come alive, pose, sway, pique, harry, jar, energize, get to, call down, bewilder, shit, receive, judder, touch off, intrigue, enkindle, shake off, hold, establish, make, race, hotfoot, gain vigor, create, molest, deliver, fix, rush, evoke, hurry, buzz off, gain, bring in, steady, urinate, accept, waken, wee-wee, juice up, bring forth, touch, possess.

Examples of usage:

That last report we got yesterday, by our wireless, ought to stimulate us. - "The Air Trust", George Allan England.

From the point where it now leaned against the balusters back to the lateral corridor or hall, there were many little details to arrest and stimulate my curiosity. - "The Paternoster Ruby", Charles Edmonds Walk.

There is something in the nature of travel to stimulate rather than satisfy the appetite, and it does not seem that any who have once entered on the vocation are able or willing to withdraw themselves from it. - "Celebrated Women Travellers of the Nineteenth Century", W. H. Davenport Adams.

Similar words:

stipulate, stimulative, stimulant, stimulant drug, stimulus, Stimulus Generalisation, stimulus generalization, stipulation, stipulatory, stieglitz.

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