Synonyms for Stop:


drop. arrive, populate, proceed, settle down, shut down, squat, stand, pull up, come from. aboard, afloat, begin, board, bookable, booking, bring up, bus, call off, defect, die away, draw up, hold up, lapse, leave off, peter out, pipe down, run out, settle, start, Booking office, let up, cut out, go out, tie up, ARR, give over, aisle seat, book on. affricate, alveolar, aspirate, aspiration, assonance, bilabial, consonant, prevent, close vowel, closed syllable. airlock, back up, cesspit, conduit, culvert, fill, full, downspout. ask for, belay, entreat, implore, insist, invite, request, send for, stall, surcease, want, call away, order up. avert, avoid, discourage, prohibit, squash, get in the way of something, knock something on the head. bellows, bow, bridge, catgut, drumstick, fret, hammer, key. cannibalize, cut, deactivate, disable, disengage, flash, flick, swear off, flip off. disappear, dissolve, evaporate, fade away, go away, vanish. bus station, call, come by, come over, depot, drop by, drop in, ferry, look up, platform, pop in, run-in, seek, station, terminal, terminus, visit, look-in, bus shelter. change, departure, jumping-off point, landfall, lap, leg, port of call, drop off, the home stretch. come to a full stop, come to a stop, come to rest, not move a muscle, pull to a stop/halt. and damn the consequences/expense etc., if it's the last thing I do, if it kills you, I/we etc. will not rest until..., ...or bust, where there's a will, there's a way, wild horses couldn't..., won't take no for an answer, in for a penny, in for a pound. act (noun)
closure (noun)
end (noun)
end, halt; impediment (noun)
bar, barricade, block, blockade, break, break off, cease, check, close, finish, freeze, hindrance, pause, plug, stay, stoppage.
ending (noun)
event (noun)
hindrance (noun)
bafflement, barrier, blockade, blockage, complication, congestion, constipation, constraint, damper, deterrent, disadvantage, drawback, encumbrance, entanglement, entrapment, frustration, hindrance, hurdle, impasse, impedance, impediment, inhibition, interruption, obstacle, obstruction, opposition, resistance, restraint, restriction, stoppage.
inactivity (noun)
layover (noun)
plug (noun)
cork, cover, spigot, spile, stopper, tap, valve.
restraint (noun)
stop (noun)
arrest, block, blockage, break, break off, catch, cease, check, closure, contain, diaphragm, discontinue, end, finish, full point, full stop, give up, halt, hitch, hold back, hold on, intercept, kibosh, lay off, occlusion, occlusive, plosive, plosive consonant, plosive speech sound, point, quit, stay, stop consonant, stopover, stoppage, terminate, turn back, layover.
visit (noun)
visit; place of rest (noun)
depot, halt, rest, station, stopover, terminus.


bring or come to a halt or end (verb)
conclude, desist, discontinue, draw up, drop, end, hold, quit, refrain, shut down, stall, stand, terminate, wrap up, cut out, pull up.
cease (verb)
abandon, break, cease, close, culminate, desist, discontinue, end, halt, interrupt, pause, quit, refrain, remit, stay, suspend, terminate, let up.
ceases (verb)
abandon, break, cease, close, culminate, desist, discontinue, end, halt, interrupt, pause, quit, refrain, remit, stay, suspend, terminate.
close (verb)
barricade, bolt, fasten, join, latch, lock, seal, secure, shut.
diminish (verb)
die away.
end (verb)
accomplish, cap, checkmate, complete, conclude, decease, die, exit, expire, finalize, finish, pass away, pass on, wrap up.
give up (verb)
give up, relinquish, resign, surrender, withdraw.
hinder (verb)
baffle, bar, block, bottleneck, brake, bung, burden, catch, check, choke, clog, complicate, congest, constipate, constrain, counter, cramp, crimp, cripple, curb, dam, delay, detain, deter, drag, encumber, entangle, entrap, fetter, foul, frustrate, hamper, hamstring, handicap, hinder, impair, impede, inhibit, jam, mire, obstruct, oppose, paralyze, plug, resist, restrain, restrict, snag, snarl, tangle, thwart.
interrupt (verb)
postpone, recess, relieve, reprieve.
motion (verb)
plug (verb)
bung, close, cork, cover, plug, tap.
prevent, hold back (verb)
arrest, avoid, choke, clog, congest, fill, frustrate, hinder, impede, intercept, interrupt, obstruct, restrain, seal, still, stopper, suspend.
stagnate (verb)
hibernate, idle, immobilize, rest, stagnate, still.
stop (verb)
freeze, hold.

Other synonyms:

avert, belay, bus station, disappear, discourage, drop, fade away, pipe down, prohibit, vanish, bus shelter. depot, evaporate, go away, terminus, visit, tie up, pull up. call, dissolve, fill, hold up, stall, cut out. ferry, give over. squash. run out. platform, terminal. back up. call
drop in.
call off.
close up
shut down.
fade away.
drop in
come over, pop in.
settle down.
peter out
peter out.
swear off.
stop up
drop in.
Other relevant words:
arrest, belay, drop, hold back, hold up, leave off, occlusive, point, prevent, stall, stand, swear off.

Usage examples for stop

  1. " Say, stop in some time you're passin'. – The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. Where is this to stop – A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II) by Augustus de Morgan
  3. We will stop for you on our way. – Zibeline, Complete by Phillipe de Massa Last Updated: March 2, 2009