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substructure - 90 results
Examples of usage:

As he advanced he looked about him with an anxious gaze, but it was at the unfloored substructure of the bridge, not at the awesome spectacle of the swift- flowing, ice- covered stream a hundred and fifty feet beneath. - "Out of the Primitive", Robert Ames Bennet.

It consisted of a gigantic sarcophagus made of solid marble blocks, and resting like a house on a substructure composed of six high marble steps. - "An Egyptian Princess, Volume 9.", Georg Ebers.

Of course, the substructure must have worn out before the superstructure could have gone down. - "The Falls of Niagara and Other Famous Cataracts", George W. Holley.

Similar words:

subtractive, substitute, substratum, substrate, subtraction, substitutes, Substituted, substantive, substantive dye.

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