Synonyms for Frame:


bookmark, account name, groundwork, scaffold, Bluetooth, address, anonymous ftp, ABEND, warp, access number, blind certificate, blogosphere, scaffolding, stage, organization, boolean, truss, shell. base, bottom, bump, block, clasp, case, apex, back, enclosure, jamb, stay, bevel, span, girdle, shutter, corner. doorjamb, door, doorstop, doorbell, doorknocker, flounce, doorpost, wreath, trimming, hem, fringe, doorknob, mat, arch, matting, verge, edging, doorplate, margin, trim, molding, doorstep. fabricate, produce, forge, dream up, manufacture, finalize, fashion, map out, think ahead. billiards, formulate, cue, cushion, strategize, cue ball, blueprint, pool, baize, work out, pocket, dope out, conceive, planned, bar billiards. enclose, contain, engulf, encircle, words, envelop, hem in, kettle. stanchion, joist, rafter, buttress, gantry, foundation. contact, contact lens, frames, dark glasses, four-eyes, bridge, eyewear, eyeglasses, bifocals, earpiece. cinematic, FX, film, celluloid, Bollywood, cut, cinematography, FPS, the big screen. proportions, formation. declaim, chirp, declare, chorus, gasp out, mouth, pant, phrase. fink, confession, denounce, exposure, finger, denunciation, dog. frame (noun)
cast, draw up, skeleton, inning, flesh, shape, form, ensnare, bod, compose, redact, entrap, material body, skeletal system, framework, Systema Skeletale, set up, physical body, frame in, outline, border, chassis, build, put, soma, figure, couch, underframe, framing, skeletal frame, human body, anatomy, physique.
outline (noun)
configuration, sketch, delineation, figure, wire frame, border, circumference, profile, periphery, silhouette, tracing, representation, girth, outline, drawing, contour, perimeter, limit.
pillar (noun)
skeleton, casing (noun)
groundwork, framework, scaffold, build, stage, enclosure, support, truss, trim, anatomy, form, trimming, hem, outline, fringe, flounce, shell, scaffolding, fabric, construction, scheme, architecture, physique, structure.
structure (noun)
architecture, skeleton, constitution, framework, arrangement, construction, fabric, composition, makeup, edifice, building, anatomy.


build (verb)
constitute, enclose, make, border, construct, manufacture, back, fabricate, produce, forge, set up, fashion, mat.
compose, plan (verb)
sketch, draft, devise, formulate, dream up, map out, prepare, shape, draw up, conceive, design.
contact (verb)
frame in, border.
order (verb)
classify, balance, compose, shape, sift, program, marshal, plan, chart, arrange, establish, devise, score, schedule, place, unify, right, subordinate, orchestrate, unsnarl, array, cast, plot, mediate, rationalize, stratify, pigeonhole, Methodize, design, maintain, rank, collate, organize, type, schematize, fix, systematize, set, stabilize, separate, structure, scheme, adjust, categorize, harmonize, support, order, integrate, form, control, settle, rate, screen, class, regulate, group, sort, grade, normalize, prepare.
outline (verb)
trace, draw, represent, circumscribe, draft, delineate.
structure (verb)
constitute, make, construct, build.

Other synonyms:

chirp, strategize, scaffold, cinematic, rafter, FPS, stanchion, baize, gasp out, declaim, fink, Bollywood, forge, cue, billiards, molding, bar billiards, cue ball, the big screen, joist, cinematography. truss, buttress, denounce, pant, stage, denunciation, gantry. formulate, declare, formation, blueprint, confession, celluloid. foundation, conceive. film, finger, cushion, pool, phrase. produce, chorus. exposure, mouth, pocket. cut. accuse
systema skeletale
Systema Skeletale.
Other relevant words:
physique, flesh, fashion, framing, formulate, manufacture, organization, physical body, forge, conceive, fabricate.

Usage examples for frame

  1. It was at this particular moment that Zoie's small face appeared cautiously from behind the frame of the bedroom door. – Baby Mine by Margaret Mayo
  2. Her head, leaning against the window- frame was thrown back as though to look at something. – My Little Sister by Elizabeth Robins
  3. Festing noted that the portrait that had hung there had gone, and looking round in search of it, saw a piece of the broken frame lying on the stove. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss