Synonyms for Create:


call after, name after, go by, christen, number off, baptize, call, answer to, devise. beget, invest, author, model, erect, actualize, contrive, base on, rear, mint, forge, craft, organize. parent, breed, set off, spawn, trigger, start-off. set up. write, indite. create (noun)


begin (verb)
conceive, initiate, induct, prepare, commence, germinate, dawn, begin, sprout, spring, inaugurate, embark, emerge, develop, form, bud, stem, hatch, start, birth, originate, introduce, undertake, initialize.
create (verb)
construct, fabricate, build, formulate, make.
creation (verb)
develop in mind or physically (verb)
contrive, forge, build, generate, make, plan, rear, produce, organize, fabricate, invent, sire, originate, form, construct, actualize, set up, imagine, institute, formulate, hatch, father, start, conceive, erect, devise, parent, spawn, beget, design, procreate, author, found, initiate, invest.
father (verb)
found, engender, sire, procreate.
imagine (verb)
design, imagine, envision, contemplate, plan, consider, observe, theorize, opine, brainstorm, think, ideate, perceive, reflect, fantasize, suppose.
originate (verb)
institute, generate, produce, invent.
produce (verb)
execute, father, cultivate, manufacture, mother.

Other synonyms:

contrive. indite, mint, erect, organize, base on. beget, spawn, set off. breed, model, write. craft, parent, trigger. set up. begin
initiate, introduce, trigger.
set off.
Other relevant words:
breed, mint, spawn, devise, craft, forge, model, indite, write, parent, erect, contrive, organize, trigger, rear, invest, set up, actualize, author, beget.

Usage examples for create

  1. Is it likely that they will create one here? – Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  2. But even with all the devices of the past, it is well- nigh impossible in a one- act play or in an act of one setting to create the feeling that much time has passed. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker