Synonyms for Poison:


harmful (adjective)


oil, poison ivy, radiation, belladonna, vapor, barbarism, sulphuric, gas, copper sulfate, agent orange, germ, tarantula venom poison oak, Prussic, bacteria, maltreatment, aconite, Hydrochloric, lead, inhumanity, savagery, copperhead, lead arsenate, Oxalic, bullying, blue vitriol, botulin, toxin, atrocity, lye, abuse, foxglove, nicotine, cooking gas, caustic soda, carbon monoxide gas, death angel mushroom, Paris Green, cruelty, Cantharides, nitric, Black Widow Spider, hydrocyanic acid cyanide, radon gas, Brutalities, nightshade, ddt, Carbolic, curare. butter, blanch, carve, venomous, bone, Mephitical, butcher, virulent, chill, bake, mephitic, beat, blend, butchery, toxic, poisonous. biological control, biohazard, catalytic converter, carbon-neutral, biodegradable, clean up, the carbon cycle, carbon sink, carbon trading. deterrent, deterrence, cloud, disincentive, blow, crime, hammer blow, goad, kiss of death. germicide, predator, exterminator. bane (noun)
doom, bane, plague, ill, contagion, curse, infection, cancer, calamity, affliction, misfortune, evil, scourge.
contaminant (noun)
contaminator, pollutant.
destroyer (noun)
poison (noun)
envenom, cyanide, arsenic, hemlock, antimony, carbon monoxide, strychnine, poisonous substance, ptomaine.
substance (noun)
poisonous substance.
substance that causes harm, death (noun)
contamination, bane, virus, bacteria, toxin, germ, contagion, infection, venom, cancer.


contaminate, pollute (verb)
envenom, infect, harm, taint.
sicken (verb)
infect, sicken, contaminate.

Other synonyms:

mephitic, adulterator, contaminator, adulterant, venom, pollutant, germicide, toxin, Mephitical, contaminant. predator, venomous, canker, virus, toxic, poisonous. virulent, contamination. impurity. Other relevant words:
poisonous substance, atrocity, venom, nicotine, adulterator, poisonous, envenom, virulent, toxic, Mephitical, bacteria, lead, butcher, damage, abuse, mephitic, adulterant, dispatch, virus, predator, taint, venomous, germ, harm, exterminator, contaminator, toxin, contamination, pollutant, impurity, canker, gas, spoil, germicide, exterminate, contaminant.

Usage examples for poison

  1. He looked at it, then gave it to Maputa, saying: " There is the poison there is the poison but who gave it I do not say. – Child of Storm by H. Rider Haggard
  2. These things are poison to the tender plant. – Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor
  3. Plainly enough they indicate the road by which the poison has travelled. – Diseases of the Horse's Foot by Harry Caulton Reeks