Synonyms for Caricature:


exaggerated (adjective)
embellished, burlesque, overpraised, distorted, Aggrandized, Overvalued, overestimated, overdeveloped, hyperbolic, Overrated, overstated, exaggerated.


aquatint, abstract, collage, diptych, bas relief, daub, canvas, doodle. description, version, picture, profile, story, respect, tale, portrait, depiction, characterization, same. paint, shade, draw, etch, trace, rough out, Redraw, sketch, illustrate. instance, prototype, archetype, case, template, model, the personification of something, stereotype, example. burlesque (noun)
study at parody.
caricature (noun)
imitation, impersonation, ape.
communication (noun)
impersonation, imitation.
exaggerated description in writing, drawing (noun)
distortion, sham, cartoon, satire, parody, ridicule, takeoff, lampoon, imitation, farce, mimicry, burlesque, travesty, mockery.
exaggeration (noun)
exaggeration, overestimation, aggrandizement, distortion, overvaluation, hyperbole, overdevelopment, overstatement, embellishment.
imitation (noun)
duplication, parody, imitation, simulation, carbon, mimicry, parallel, impersonation, echo, reflection, pseudo, mirror, spoof, representation, pretense, duplicate, counterfeit, resemblance, copy, replication, portrayal, reproduction, emulation, sham.
misrepresentation (noun)
fake, satire, farce, misrepresentation, takeoff, cartoon, lampoon.
ridicule (noun)
disgrace, indignity, derision, irony, jesting, travesty, deprecation, scorn, roast, denigration, joke, taunt, insult, shame, sneering, humiliation, ridicule, flippancy, mockery, fun, contempt, abasement burlesque, irreverence.


communication (verb)
exaggerate (verb)
embellish, aggrandize, Overdevelop, distort, overpraise, overstate, stretch, overvalue, hyperbolize, overrate, overestimate, exaggerate.
ridicule (verb)
gibe, kid, mock, sneer, scoff, jest, razz, rag, mimic, deride, ride, quip, deprecate, jeer, denigrate, humiliate.

Other synonyms:

portrait, canvas, Redraw, bas relief, illustrate, sketch, collage, diptych, daub, etch. doodle, shade, aquatint, draw. trace, paint. picture. abstract. draw
overestimate, overestimated, hyperbolize.
Other relevant words:
collage, sketch, ape, shade, illustrate, picture, Redraw, doodle, diptych, daub, draw, abstract, bas relief, etch.

Usage examples for caricature

  1. Her reason is distorted by her disease- obsessions; her will has been pampered into a selfish caricature – Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness by Robert S. Carroll
  2. The Egyptian now confessed that he had only heard of the caricature from a friend, and declared that if he had seen it he should have destroyed it on the spot. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. But caricature if you know how to allow for it, is instructive. – Home Life in Germany by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick