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pinhead - 46 results
Other synonyms:

bosom, wanker, dope, eye, boob, dork, smoke, the skinny, breast, spastic, dipstick, cola, bobbin, titty, low-down, jerk, grass, poop, notions, dumbbell, needle, sens, green goddess, dummy, booby, gage, pot, pincushion, silent person, sess, cotton reel, dunce, cotton, knocker, blank, thimble, stupid, cow, locoweed, skunk, weed, deadhead, cretin, blank shell, tit, pin.

Examples of usage:

On the left was a tiny, pinhead solitaire. - "Jane Journeys On", Ruth Comfort Mitchell.

It may well be a word is engraved on the coin, in the same microscopic letters as these on the pinhead. - "The Diamond Pin", Carolyn Wells.

If Piddie hadn't been a pinhead, he'd had his name on the board of directors years ago. - "Torchy", Sewell Ford.

Similar words:

pinched, pineal, pineal body, pinkeye, pineweed, pinaceae, pinctada, Pinchas Zukerman, Pinctada Margaritifera.

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