Synonyms for Post:


bookmark, mast, boolean, ABEND, address, blind certificate, stud, account name, anonymous ftp, pedestal, blogosphere, Bluetooth, prop, access number. the artillery, army, the Coast Guard, post office, air power, command, cavalry, the armed forces, air force, C-IN-C, airborne. assignment, bleachers, baseline, crease, alley, the bench, court, Astroturf, appointment, bowl, job, the box, clay, profession. let it be known that, proclaim, DO, score, disseminate, reveal, put out, tally, disclose, spread, notch. pack off, insert, route, register, enter, record, parachute, remember, bundle off, relocate, farm out. fire off, get, copy to. dog tag, bust, generalship, fatigues, fort, detail, garrison. frame, gantry, buttress, framework, scaffold, joist, rafter, foundation. fence, harness, bridle, halter, crop, hurdle, blinders, horsewhip, girth. download, host, browse, hook up, chat, dial-up, facebook, maintain, flame. evacuee, collateral damage, civil, noncombatant, civilian, ex-servicewoman, the home front, civvy, ex-serviceman. postmaster, mailbag, the Royal Mail, postmistress, snail mail, parcel, P.O.. beam (noun)
correspondence (noun)
epistle, line, acknowledgment, letter, postcard, message, note, correspondence.
headquarters (noun)
job, employment (noun)
berth, appointment, situation, office, place, assignment, position.
location (noun)
spot, station.
mail (noun)
postal service, postcard.
mail service (noun)
postal service, mail, post office.
pillar (noun)
column, pilaster, pillar, caryatid.
post (noun)
brand, stanchion, carry, standard, balustrade, station, newel, place, office, banister, mail service, send, spot, base, position, postal service, situation, mail, gatepost, mullion, put up, baluster, berth, stake, military post, upright.
publication (noun)
advertisement, organ, newsletter, review, circular, herald, journal, announcement, handbill, gazette, newsmagazine, periodical, newspaper, publication, propaganda, journalism, commercial, notice, dissemination, promotion, promulgation, bulletin.
shaft (noun)
rod, shaft, stick, stalk, elevator shaft, tunnel, stem, staff, flagpole, mine shaft, bar, pole.
situation (noun)
configuration, standing, disposition, state, arrangement, station, mode, position, placement, aspect, layout, scene, situation, circumstance, property, quality, site, formation, environment, modality, style, ambience, condition, spot, location, status.
support (noun)
upright support (noun)
stud, pedestal, standard, prop, mast, pole, pillar, stake, column, shaft, newel.


advise, inform (verb)
brief, report.
aid (verb)
correspond (verb)
acknowledge, correspond, reply, answer, dispatch.
locate (verb)
unearth, lay, situate, place, establish, pinpoint, locate, set, discover, put, find.
possession (verb)
publish (verb)
brief, propagandize, advertise, promote, announce, publish, broadcast, promulgate, report, circulate.
situate (verb)
situate, position (verb)
establish, put, station, locate, set.

Other synonyms:

mast, stud, job, postmistress, joist, pack off, parachute, profession, the Royal Mail, post office. garrison, mailbag, farm out, postmaster, foundation, parcel. appointment, register, P.O., insert, route. command, record. enter. fortress
put up.
Other relevant words:
prop, stake, mail, post office, register, job, mailbag, send, office, assignment, enter, berth, base, appointment, garrison.

Usage examples for post

  1. The other letter is for Solomonson and Isaacs, which you can post – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  2. She had two letters in her hand, which she intended putting into the school post bag, that was always kept in the library. – Madge Morton, Captain of the Merry Maid by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  3. A light was struck and each ran to his post – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth