Synonyms for Formation:


found, move into, establish, set up, constitute, structure, incorporate, form, order, go into, start up, open, start. profile, build, categorization, sequence, distribution, proportions, disposal, lineup, shape, frame, deployment, grouping, physique, silhouette, figure, classification. semicircle, scale, chain, parade, rope, row, procession, circle, ring. act (noun)
addition (noun)
collection (noun)
omnium-gatherum, group, bloc, assemblage, assembly, assortment, corps, bunch, complement, stew, set, council, union, medley, band, coalition, mix, league, college, salad, collection, federation, society, body, partnership.
composition (noun)
embodiment, composition, combination, inclusion, compilation, invention, constitution.
composition, establishment (noun)
induction, constitution, fabrication, production, genesis, organization, accumulation, figure, synthesis, structure, generation, grouping, manufacture, development, compilation, arrangement, order, construction, disposition, embodiment, creation, configuration.
creation (noun)
establishment, origination, conception, formulation.
formation (noun)
organisation, geological formation, constitution, organization, establishment, shaping, geology.
lineup (noun)
production (noun)
making, manufacture, production, building, execution, construction, fabrication, creation, development, generation.
situation (noun)
site, circumstance, situation, scene, ambience, style, arrangement, environment, spot, modality, location, condition, state, standing, disposition, property, position, station, aspect, layout, quality, mode, placement, status, configuration, post.

Other synonyms:

deployment, physique, categorization, grouping. procession, silhouette, lineup, semicircle. disposal, classification. rope, sequence, build, row. distribution. shape. order, circle. figure. parade, frame, scale. chain. ring. construction
Other relevant words:
progress, constitute, accumulation, geological formation, genesis, shape, profile, advance, categorization, shaping, distribution, proportions, classification, chain, structure, procession, build, geology, induction, row, grouping, advancement, direction, scale, set up, ring, semicircle, start, parade, dissolution, organisation, rope, physique, lineup, form, circle, order, open, disposal, momentum, deployment, found, history, incorporate, organization, frame, maturation, silhouette, establish, synthesis, sequence, figure.

Usage examples for formation

  1. 1. 9. The singular being with whom chance had thus brought him acquainted was to have a lasting influence on the formation of Odo's character. – The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton
  2. The same shells occur in a perfect state in the lower part of the formation – The Student's Elements of Geology by Sir Charles Lyell