Synonyms for Fence:


con artist, arsonist, accessory, net, backstop, paling, rail, drug lord, con woman, railing, drug baron, hedge, CONMAN, barricade, child molester, abductor. cattle guard, barbed wire, barricade tape, chain-link fence, chicken wire, balustrade. engulf, dump, uncle, drop, kettle. trade, traffic, politic, barter, campaign, receive, solicit votes, deal in, deal with, handle. halter, immure, girth, mew, free, shut in, shut up, horsewhip, hurdle, blinders, bit, crop. partition, include. artifact (noun)
barrier used to enclose a piece of land (noun)
hedge, palisade, barricade, rail, barbed wire, stockade, railing, net, paling, wall, backstop, balustrade.
defense (noun)
stronghold, bastille.
edge (noun)
fringe, sharpness, tip, edge, side, extremity, precipice, curb, margin, brim, periphery, boundary, border, perimeter, ring, frontier limit, outline, rim, coast, brink.
enclosure (noun)
enclosure, confinement, paling, trap, envelopment, barrier.
fence (noun)
wall, contend, surround, palisade, argue, fencing, debate, fence in.
fencing (noun)
swordsmanship, fencer, swordsman, swordplay, epee, sabre, foil, saber.
fortification (noun)
post (noun)
prison (noun)
jailhouse, reformatory, shackle, reform school, coop, Alcatraz, cell, oubliette, handcuff, cooler, keep, vise, stronghold, cage, tether, collar, pen, confine, bridle, manacle, gaol, dungeon, bastille, prison, irons, pillory, jail, stockade, straight jacket, pinion, San Quentin, brig, lockup, penitentiary, penal colony, harness, jug, pound.
screen (noun)


contact (verb)
fence in.
dodge; beat around the bush (verb)
enclose (verb)
enclose, encompass, embrace, contain, corral, encircle, surround, hold, envelop, cover.
enclose or separate an area (verb)
pen, coop, immure, confine, encircle, surround, corral, cage, mew.
imprison (verb)
condemn, imprison, fetter, impound, lock up, sentence, incarcerate.

Other synonyms:

child molester, arsonist, rail, immure, drug lord, chain-link fence, cattle guard, blinders, chicken wire, barricade tape, barbed wire, abductor, accessory, balustrade. horsewhip, girth, deal in, barter, hurdle. deal with, traffic. receive. trade, crop. handle, bit. balustrade
lock up, mew, shut in.
swordsmanship, fencer, swordsman, swordplay, epee, saber, fencing, foil.
Other relevant words:
foil, girth, kettle, immure, railing, politic, arsonist, saber, barter, chain-link fence, accessory, fencing, hedge, wall, swordsman, epee, net, bit, sabre, barrier, palisade, drop, rail, halter, backstop, barbed wire, partition, hurdle, abductor, mew, contend, CONMAN, crop, balustrade, uncle, traffic, fence in, dump, shut in, swordsmanship, trade, shut up, horsewhip, fencer, debate, paling, argue, swordplay, include, blinders, engulf, barricade, campaign, handle, receive.

Usage examples for fence

  1. Looked like a small boy's effort on a fence – A Top-Floor Idyl by George van Schaick
  2. She went from tree to tree, and when she got through the fence she ran. – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  3. The farm is also divided into two narrow fields by a fence down the center of the strip. – The Dollar Hen by Milo M. Hastings