Synonyms for Mode:


art deco, the avant-garde, baroque, art nouveau, agitprop, aquatint, brushwork, abstract expressionism, arts and crafts, camp. inclination, human nature, outlook, instinct, conduct, convention, posture, behavior, schtick, spirit. basis, technique, wise, procedure, modus operandi, tactic. grind, backfire, fire, cut out, go, engagement, idle, burn up, vein, flood, cycle, tone. discord, drumroll, drumming, dissonance, chord, crescendo, harmony, be, music, lilt. craze, thing, usual, furor, fad, rage. circumstances (noun)
craze (noun)
manner (noun)
form, tone.
manner, way (noun)
procedure, form, fashion, wise, posture, vein, tone, quality, technique, state, style, situation, condition, status.
method (noun)
procedure, technique.
mode (noun)
manner, modality, way, mood, style, fashion, musical mode, modal value.
rank (noun)
situation (noun)
formation, disposition, ambience, environment, layout, situation, location, position, post, configuration, quality, status, scene, spot, circumstance, aspect, property, condition, station, arrangement, style, modality, state, standing, placement, site.
trend, fad (noun)
craze, furor, rage, convention, thing.

Other synonyms:

dissonance, behavior, drumroll. craze, modus operandi, technique, drumming, discord, fad. convention, furor, rage, chord. crescendo, basis, music. harmony. vein. thing. manner
manner, tone.
Other relevant words:
form, fad, basis, fashion, furor, technique, go, modus operandi, mood, craze, posture, wise, procedure, thing, conduct, chord, musical mode, convention, way, behavior, drumroll, manner, vein, tone, modal value, rage.

Usage examples for mode

  1. This mode of expression from the king alarmed him more than a passionate outburst of rage. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. It then becomes not only a real mode of life to us; but more than this, a mode of social life. – The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day by Evelyn Underhill
  3. Then you are not satisfied with this mode of life? – When London Burned by G. A. Henty