Synonyms for Music:


double flat, DO, strain, D, crotchet, refrain, beat, B, phrasing, minstrelsy, measure, C, bass. ARR, con amore, clef, sensitivity, andante, bass clef, allegro, con brio, bar line, bar, appreciation, feeling, adagio. belles lettres, brass rubbing, endure, arts and crafts, batik, coloring, art form, suffer, collage, ceramics, carving, undergo, art. drumroll, discord, drumming, dissonance, mode, chord, crescendo, lilt. composition (noun)
symphony, score, arrangement, concerto.
medium (noun)
melody (noun)
euphony, aria, lyric.
meter (noun)
music (noun)
lullaby, serenade, aria, arrangement, tune, concert, ditty, sheet music, psalm, chorus, refrain, harmony, euphony, ballet, lyric, instrumental, carol, jazz, syncopation, concerto, ballad, strain, quartet, medicine, melody, measure, air, symphony, sonata, composition, vocalization, blues, bebop, score, song, hymn.
musical arrangement (noun)
opus (noun)

Other synonyms:

dissonance, chord, drumroll. drumming, discord. art. crescendo. mode. strain. chorus
Other relevant words:
strain, chord, measure, euphony, sheet music, medicine, drumroll, drumming, art, art form, refrain.

Usage examples for music

  1. It seems the music took hold of him. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William