Synonyms for Collage:


daub, abstract composition, caricature, aquatint, picture, cartoon, found art, abstract, bas relief, doodle, canvas, diptych. art form, ceramics, coloring, belles lettres, batik, brass rubbing, carving, arts and crafts, art. artifact (noun)
collage (noun)
mixture of pictures (noun)
abstract composition, found art.

Other synonyms:

cartoon, caricature, ceramics, brass rubbing, bas relief, canvas, doodle, belles lettres, batik, carving, diptych, daub, art form. coloring, aquatint, arts and crafts. art. abstract. Other relevant words:
cartoon, caricature, aquatint, bas relief, abstract, batik, picture, diptych, doodle, found art, art, daub, abstract composition, canvas, carving, coloring, ceramics, montage.