Synonyms for Serenade:


allegro, andante, adagio, bass, chant, cantata. vocalize, sing along, croon, sing out, carry a tune, burst/break into song. melody (noun)
song, divertimento, nocturne.
music (noun)
chorus, hymn, ballad, score, melody, air, quartet, concerto, carol, lyric, instrumental, harmony, sonata, symphony, ballet, bebop, vocalization, lullaby, jazz, music, song, syncopation, tune, concert, composition, arrangement, psalm, ditty, blues, aria.
poetry (noun)
jingle, poem, limerick, ode, poetry, verse, sonnet, canto, idyll, rhyme, Chanson, haiku.
serenade (noun)


endear (verb)
make love, woo, spoon, charm, flirt, entice, cuddle, hug, coddle, endear, snuggle, seduce, kiss, dally, cherish, ogle, nuzzle, bill and coo, court, caress, romance.
perform music (verb)
jam, gig, perform, practice, harmonize, sing, play, solo.

Other synonyms:

sing along. croon, sing out. chant. court
Other relevant words:
bass, allegro, cantata, andante, chant, vocalize, compliment, adagio, divertimento, nocturne, croon.

Usage examples for serenade

  1. " I don't follow you," says I. " But what was it, a serenade – On With Torchy by Sewell Ford
  2. The young gentleman, wholly ignorant of the danger which threatened him, was thinking of his unhappy friend, Simon Turchi, overpowered by a heart sorrow, tossing on a bed of suffering, while he was on his way to serenade his beloved Mary. – The Amulet by Hendrik Conscience