Synonyms for Hug:


go over, advance, near, creep up on, make for, make toward, come up, bear down, gain on. hang, pucker, clip, bunch, breathe, fit, hold, ride up, Embosom, flow, enfold, bag, clasp, fall down. ruffle, pat. grab, carry, hang on, hold on, grip, keep hold of something, cradle, clutch, hold tight. act (noun)
squeeze, clinch.
caress (noun)
feel, squeeze, touch.
embrace (noun)
clasp, bear hug, demonstration of affection, clinch, bunny hug, squeeze, caress, tight grip.
hug (noun)
clinch, bosom, squeeze, embrace.


contact (verb)
bosom, embrace, squeeze.
endear (verb)
endear, cuddle, cherish, seduce, ogle, court, nuzzle, coddle, woo, spoon, entice, make love, caress, dally, bill and coo, romance, serenade, snuggle, charm, flirt.
greet (verb)
kiss, approach, hail, acknowledge, bow, accost, receive, signal, vociferate, salute, smile, greet, wave, embrace, shake hands with, curtsy, kowtow, notice, welcome, nod, salaam.
hold close, cling to (verb)
cuddle, cherish, embrace, receive, cradle, welcome, enfold.

Other synonyms:

pucker, Embosom, ride up. breathe, fall down, hold. pat, clasp. enfold, bunch, ruffle, flow. hang. bag. fit. Other relevant words:
bunch, enfold, pat, clinch, clip, fit, breathe, near, pucker, clasp, hold on, bunny hug, Embosom, bosom, bag, hang on, hold, grip, ruffle, cradle, clutch, tight grip, hold tight.

Usage examples for hug

  1. I got back in all sorts of a hurry, for I know'd if he got hold of me, he would hug me altogether too close for comfort. – A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tennessee. by Davy Crockett
  2. " Ecod, if that is your way of thinking, why didn't you give her a hearty hug when she led you forth into the field of chick- peas? – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  3. Betty looked at the pond again and then gave Katherine a soft little hug – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton