Synonyms for Hail:


eulogize, congratulate, graupel, storm, sleet, soft hail, ice, sing someone's/something's praises, extol, rain, hailstone, pat someone on the back, compliment, pay someone a compliment, flatter. bellow, shout, bombardment, yell, cannonade, barrage, burst, cry out, fusillade, roar, rage, cry, shower, scream, attack, salvo, call out, volley, chant. dew, dewdrop, deluge, downpour, cloudburst, acid rain, blizzard, avalanche, band, curtain. bonanza, cornucopia, complex, feast, cascade, concentration. drizzle, pelt, pour, beat down, the heavens opened, lash down, come down, snow. cab, black cab, cycle rickshaw, cabbie, cabstand, hack. hail (noun)
acclaim, come, herald.
precipitation (noun)
torrent (noun)
cannonade, rain, salvo, barrage, volley, storm, bombardment, shower.
volley (noun)


call to, yell for (verb)
accost, signal, salute, welcome, greet, shout.
celebrate (verb)
cheer, observe, celebrate, rejoice, enjoy, jubilate, carouse, commemorate, solemnize, honor, glorify, party, hallow, revel, proclaim, memorialize, laud, fete, inaugurate, exult, make merry, frolic, praise, trumpet, acclaim, venerate, salute.
greet (verb)
bow, salaam, embrace, hug, smile, acknowledge, curtsy, nod, greet, accost, approach, receive, shake hands with, notice, vociferate, kowtow, kiss, wave, signal, welcome.
honor, salute (verb)
acclaim, glorify, cheer, praise, acknowledge, compliment.
rain down on (verb)
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

salvo, black cab, cycle rickshaw, cabstand, lash down, sleet, cabbie. bombardment, pour, extol, cab, eulogize, snow, fusillade, barrage, drizzle. pelt, volley, storm, beat down. shower, come down. hack. frost
Other relevant words:
cabstand, burst, drizzle, bombardment, downpour, cry, sleet, pour, ice, bellow, yell, barrage, shower, come down, volley, soft hail, snow, pelt, accost, fusillade, cabbie, come, rage, congratulate, extol, storm, cannonade, roar, herald, shout, scream, rain, hailstone, salvo, deluge, eulogize, compliment, graupel.

Usage examples for hail

  1. One might hail him, perhaps, only it would give us away. – Queen Sheba's Ring by H. Rider Haggard
  2. Not until eight o'clock did Dan appear; and then, instead of answering his friend's hail he marched gravely out through the gate, crossed the street, and, during several seconds, stood peering first to the right and then the left, while from the opposite side Plums looked at him in bewilderment. – The Princess and Joe Potter by James Otis