Synonyms for Arrangement:


grouping, planning, conspiracy, tactic, classification, ordering, arrangements. andante, cantata, allegro, chant, adagio, bass, form. cure, resolution, adjustment, solution, remedy, fix, process of elimination, compromise, heuristics, way out, answer. check, articulation, pattern, arabesque, coloration, combination, chronology, column, argyle. version, instrumentation, adaptation, harmonization. deployment, disposal, distribution, categorization, lineup. planned, provision. agree, bargain. medium, give and take, accommodation. agreement (noun)
accession, concurrence, pledge, accordance, treaty, agreement, promise, capitulation, assent, concord, consensus, pact, accord, stipulation, deal, covenant, acquiescence, consent, settlement, empathy, compact, unanimity, understanding, acceptance, concordance, contract, bond.
an understanding (noun)
compromise, organization, adjustment, plan, layout, deal, settlement, compact, provision, preparation, agreement.
arrangement (noun)
musical arrangement, organization, arranging, placement, agreement, organisation, system.
categorization (noun)
cognition (noun)
composition (noun)
concerto, music, song, cantata, symphony.
concurrence (noun)
course of action (noun)
harmonization (noun)
line (noun)
line, queue.
method (noun)
music (noun)
concerto, composition, lyric, air, hymn, score, serenade, ballad, carol, instrumental, harmony, tune, concert, symphony, sonata, chorus, melody, ditty, lullaby, vocalization, bebop, music, song, aria, psalm, ballet, blues, syncopation, quartet, jazz.
musical adaptation (noun)
version, score, chart, instrumentation.
order (noun)
normality, normalcy, regularity, efficiency, method, stability, steadiness, organization, uniformity, symmetry, system, consistency, order, balance.
plan (noun)
design, anticipation, idea, invention, plan, expectation, intention, coordination, scheme, proposition, plot, contrivance, chart, blueprint, premeditation, conception, aim.
preparation (noun)
equipment, fabrication, development, mobilization, drafting, preparation, fostering, formulation.
promise (noun)
guarantee, obligation, engagement, vow, assurance, oath, mutual agreement.
sequence (noun)
lineage, progression, consequence, Consecution, Consecutiveness, procession, sequence, array, link, sequel, queue, course, gamut, concatenation, series, thread, string, line, chain, succession, train, legacy, subsequence, rank, linkage.
situation (noun)
location, position, environment, condition, scene, post, station, property, mode, circumstance, situation, configuration, standing, ambience, quality, formation, site, modality, spot, layout, state, status, style, aspect, placement, disposition.
something that has been ordered (noun)
form, classification, lineup, ordering, pattern, grouping, method, distribution, system, structure, rank, disposition, composition, combination, sequence, design, array.
structure (noun)
construction, makeup, constitution, shape, fabric, building, framework, skeleton, structure, anatomy, edifice, architecture, frame.

Other synonyms:

articulation, deployment, argyle, distribution, categorization, arabesque, coloration, grouping, give and take, adaptation, cantata, adjustment, classification. andante, chronology, allegro, column, adagio, chant, lineup. medium, disposal, accommodation, bass. provision. compromise. check. shape
Other relevant words:
check, bargain, provision, arabesque, disposal, articulation, categorization, conspiracy, cantata, compromise, deployment, coloration, adaptation, chronology, organisation, medium, solution, lineup, arrangements, cure, adjustment, argyle, distribution, instrumentation, heuristics, adagio, planned, give and take, arranging, ordering, agree, accommodation, combination, form, column, allegro, pattern, resolution, fix, chant, musical arrangement, harmonization, grouping, answer, remedy, bass, version, classification, tactic, andante, planning.

Usage examples for arrangement

  1. By an arrangement made the evening before, early in the morning of my second day in Athens Mr. Hill was at the door of my hotel to attend us. – Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland, Vol. I (of 2) by John Lloyd Stephens
  2. No one was left at the villa with Fanny- it was her own arrangement save Horace Bartholomew. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  3. I suppose you know the arrangement – The Boys of Bellwood School by Frank V. Webster