Synonyms for Composition:


distribution, homage, draftsmanship, aesthetic, effect, cherub, commission, synthesis, flavor, legend. canon, assemblage, creation, presentation, artwork, chef-d'oeuvre, background, production, back catalog, planning, fine art, art, designing, conception. essay, article, exposition, state, condition, biography, as is, work, book, verse, stand, poetry, preservation. make. words. compromise, medium, give and take, accommodation, agree, settlement. addition (noun)
arrangement (noun)
conformation, concord, form, style, balance, consistency, configuration, symmetry, Placing, rhythm, proportion, agreement, layout, consonance.
combination (noun)
combination, mixture, concoction, brew, alloy, mix, amalgam, incorporation, conglomerate, commixture, conglomeration, amalgamation, assembly, admixture, blend, compound, paste, ensemble, medley, fusion, infusion, hodgepodge, composite.
composition (noun)
inclusion, musical composition, invention, paper, report, composing, penning, theme, opus, compilation, formation, embodiment, makeup, typography, authorship, writing, piece of music, constitution, piece.
harmony (noun)
inclusion (noun)
involvement, relation, marriage, encompassment, membership, entanglement, envelopment, enmeshment, partnership, wedding.
integration (noun)
integration, consolidation, union.
mixture (noun)
emulsion, decoction, mash, potpourri, blending, hybrid, elixir, stew, Interfusion, mongrel, merger, amalgamate, meld, intermixture.
moderation (noun)
pacification, quiet, restraint, alleviation, calming, temperateness, softness, tranquility, ease, moderation, gentleness.
music (noun)
lullaby, concert, psalm, symphony, syncopation, music, carol, hymn, harmony, instrumental, melody, lyric, chorus, air, bebop, jazz, vocalization, ballet, blues, quartet, ballad, sonata, tune, serenade, arrangement, ditty, score, song, concerto, aria.
musical arrangement (noun)
opus (noun)
piece of writing (noun)
preparation (noun)
fabrication, equipment, fostering, formulation, drafting, mobilization, preparation, development.
print (noun)
printing (noun)
structure (noun)
construction, anatomy, edifice, makeup, constitution, architecture, structure, skeleton, building, shape, framework, fabric, frame.
structure, arrangement (noun)
consonance, form, constitution, harmony, rhythm, balance, layout, style, formation, architecture, configuration, concord, distribution, symmetry, agreement, Placing, relation, combination, proportion.
texture (noun)
writing (noun)
journalism, correspondence, portrayal, typescript, calligraphy, literature, handwriting, writing, ghostwriting, transcription, rewriting, authorship, recording, notation.
written or musical creation (noun)
music, piece, opus, score, tune, concerto, song, verse, poetry, article, melody, exposition, paper, work, arrangement, writing, theme, essay, symphony.

Other synonyms:

essay, give and take, fine art, draftsmanship, chef-d'oeuvre, creation, back catalog. cherub, exposition, legend, artwork, assemblage, flavor. homage, effect, preservation, medium, canon, production, work, accommodation. art, background, commission, aesthetic. compromise, settlement. condition, state. stand. Other relevant words:
consistency, distribution, accommodation, balance, compromise, book, verse, layout, conception, musical composition, configuration, proportion, style, draftsmanship, creation, medium, rhythm, agreement, symmetry, piece, canon, preservation, form, theme, poetry, article, synthesis, art, assemblage, effect, conformation, give and take, production, chef-d'oeuvre, settlement, work, make, concord, penning, piece of music, opus, typography, essay, report, composing, exposition, Placing, consonance, paper.

Usage examples for composition

  1. I want something more of wickedness in my composition – Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)
  2. He took immense care with the composition of that brief letter to the landlord. – Here and Hereafter by Barry Pain
  3. It is not easy to determine whether an elaborate composition of this description, designed evidently for worship, is more likely to lend or to borrow any particular phrase. – The Prayer Book Explained by Percival Jackson