Synonyms for Do:


bass, chord, crotchet, succeed, B, C, D, double flat. go about, obey, pursue. affect, bring out, conclude, end, impact, interact, take effect, come into play, make a difference. begin, break through, get ahead, outpace, forge ahead, plod along. equip, offer, provide, resource, satisfy, supply, cater to, come up with. afro, beehive, bob, braid, bun, chignon, close, decipher, figure out, solve, Bobbed, bangs, buzz cut. caricature, etch, illustrate, paint, proceed, rough out, shade, sketch, trace, Redraw. alter, become, change, convert, diversify, go into, tend, put on, turn into, change into. amuse, conjure, debut, emcee, entertain, extemporize, go on, deal with. call, call on, come over, drop by, explore, journey, see, tour, travel, visit, go around, look-in, swing by, pay someone/something a visit/call. ape, appear, imitate, imitation, masquerade, mimic, parody, seem, send up, pose as. aspect, auxiliary, conjugation, copula, ingest, auxiliary verb, the active, the conditional, the first person, the future. concern, involve, join, participate, treat, engage in, enter into, get in on, join in, sit in on, be connected with, take part (in something). prosecute, be intimate with someone, jump into bed with someone, spend the night with someone. done, implement, keep. bake, be, beat, blanch, blend, bone, butcher, butchery, butter, carve, chill, demean, quit. blind date, company, competition, dinner party, evening, fend, fringe, shift, thrive, black tie, muddle through, coffee klatch. condition, constitution, dramatize, enact, fitness, health, ill health, mental health, present, shape, state, well-being, wellness, performing arts. brush, clean, clean out, clean up, clear out, impersonate, portray, sort out, straighten up, substitute, tidy, pick up, play-act, pick up after. commute, cruise, go, hitch, hitchhike, ingestion, ride, shuttle. abuse, come down, cover, drop, jack up, lace, o.d.. excess, keep up, leave behind, suit. put in, time. bilk, cheat, chisel, cozen, defraud, diddle, flimflam, gull, gyp, honest, mulct, rook, stick, sting, swindle, victimize. care for, minister to. do (noun)
cheat, conclude, defraud, end, figure out, implement, offer, present, proceed, provide, satisfy, sort out, supply, swindle, put on, deal with.
do up (noun)


act (verb)
act, behave (verb)
appear, demean, enact, go on, impersonate, portray, present, quit, seem, put on, muddle through.
behave (verb)
be sufficient (verb)
satisfy, suit.
carry out (verb)
close, conclude, end, succeed, engage in.
cheat (verb)
beat, bilk, cozen, defraud, flimflam, gyp, swindle.
figure out, solve (verb)
travel, visit (verb)
cover, explore, journey, tour.
venture (verb)

Other synonyms:

bass, be, beat, bilk, blind date, chord, conjugation, conjure, copula, crotchet, demean, diddle, dinner party, entertain, go about, obey, participate, tend, tour, double flat, engage in, play-act, auxiliary verb, coffee klatch, get in on, join in, sit in on, the active, the conditional. amuse, chisel, cozen, defraud, emcee, explore, victimize, D, black tie, enter into, the first person. cheat, debut, dramatize, impersonate, implement, involve, mulct, portray, satisfy, sting, visit, B, C, o.d.. aspect, auxiliary, competition, enact, evening, fend, gyp, jack up, leave behind, prosecute. company, conclude, done, travel. fringe, join. cover, keep up, present. quit, shift. go. keep. drop. act
take effect, play-act.
deal with.
care for
figure out
pitch in
join in.
cater to, minister to.
Other relevant words:
bilk, cover, diddle, enact, figure out, flimflam, go, go on, satisfy, solve, visit.

Usage examples for DO

  1. Do you like him so much?" – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  2. I do like you. – The Lion and the Mouse A Story of an American Life by Charles Klein
  3. Did you do so? – The Gold Bag by Carolyn Wells