Synonyms for Start:


control, coax, eject, flick, engage, flash, energize, crank. clock, launch, false start, kick off, ahead, set-to, enter, drop back, dead heat, baton, take on, open, the blocks, dash. encourage, dissuade, entice, spur, persuade, urge on, prod, convince, prevail on, motivate. constitute, come into being, found, fall/fit into place, set in, set up, organize, establish. cringe, break into, recoil, land, quail, substitute, blench, flinch, shrink, attach, wince, seek, shy, join, fill in, stand in. incorporate, move into, go into. go to, get around to, get down to, start on, dive in. blast, delivery, corner, chip, cross, dribble, dive, backhand, ball. kvetch, grumble, lodge, raise the roof, murmur, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, mutter, complain, take something further, moan. catalyze, bring about. cower, tremble, cry out, shout, back away, hyperventilate. cool off, rocket, edge, depreciation, rally, tumble, skyrocket, bounce, come down. chance, access, opportunity, the initiative, Possibilities, window of opportunity, scope, choice. progress, walk-on, carry on, forge ahead, flow, head, press. jumping-off point, departure, landfall, layover, leg, drop off, port of call, change, the home stretch, lap. straight, straightaway, circuit, inside lane, course, inside track, line. go on, cope, cut in, into operation, play. flutter, twitch, jerk, rush, dart, lunge. sally, sail. advantage (noun)
edge, chance, introduction, opportunity, head start.
beginning (noun)
kickoff, beginning, source, derivation, cradle, stem, genesis, outset, prelude, precursor, sprout, inception, earliness, birth, nativity, preparation, infancy, spring, conception, babyhood, inauguration, emergence, commencement, origin, nascency, hatching, creation, dawn, embryo, introduction.
flinch (noun)
twitch, jump.
leap (noun)
leaving (noun)
start (noun)
kickoff, commencement, starting, begin, set forth, starting line, start out, lead off, originate, first, head start, get, outset, set about, startle, embark on, part, beginning, starting signal, starting time, initiate, depart, jump, offset, commence, set out.


begin (verb)
begin, develop, commence, conceive, embark, emerge, form, bud, undertake, initiate, originate, prepare, hatch, germinate, induct, introduce, initialize, inaugurate, create.
begin; come into existence (verb)
depart, create, initiate, found, inaugurate, open, commence, embark, introduce, come into being, originate, institute, launch, establish, set out, set up.
flinch (verb)
bounce, shrink, wince, startle, blench, quail, dart, shy, recoil, bolt, jerk.
originate (verb)
institute, produce, generate, invent.
withdraw (verb)

Other synonyms:

get around to, dive in, skyrocket, jumping-off point, starting point, start on, inside lane, cool off, depreciation. get down to, go to, cringe, enter, blench, quail, straightaway, set-to, inside track, incorporate, move into, flinch. establish, sail, go into, join, attach, jerk. dart, substitute, delivery, organize, appearance, flow. constitute, go on, bounce, edge. flutter. dive, course. rush. open. straight. line. approach
set about.
open, sail, kick off.
start out, set forth.
draw back
embark on
set out.
set about
set about.
Other relevant words:
head start, starting, set out, launch, establish, set forth, sally, found, jump, twitch, start out, startle, outset, starting point, set up.

Usage examples for start

  1. When will you start if you go?" – 'Lena Rivers by Mary J. Holmes
  2. But how soon do you start – Elsie Dinsmore by Martha Finley
  3. To answer this we must start back a little way. – Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills