Synonyms for Dawn:


day (adjective)
forenoon, noontide, antemeridian, morning, midday, noon, noonday, meridian.


arrive, fall/fit into place, come into being, set in. lunchtime, the forenoon, high noon, opening, onset, outset, drivetime, nascence. go through, strike, occur to, run, occupy, cross someone's mind, appear, enter your mind/head, flash, think, arise. a beginning (noun)
birth, genesis, rise, inception, commencement, outset, origin, onset, emergence, opening, source, start, advent.
beginning (noun)
babyhood, beginning, source, nativity, cradle, preparation, infancy, earliness, birth, hatching, creation, introduction, nascency, inauguration, genesis, embryo, conception, precursor, sprout, emergence, inception, spring, stem, prelude, origin, start, commencement, derivation.
beginning of day (noun)
break of day, sunrise, daybreak, morning, cockcrow, morn, dawning, first light, aurora, sunup.
dawn (noun)
daybreak, click, aurora, break of day, get across, dawning, sunup, break of the day, sunrise, get through, morning, penetrate, first light, come home, sink in, fall into place, cockcrow, dayspring.
day (noun)
daybreak, sunup, morn, sunrise.
event (noun)
first light (noun)
break of day.


begin (verb)
commence, conceive, hatch, undertake, prepare, bud, develop, emerge, begin, inaugurate, initiate, initialize, originate, create, germinate, induct, introduce, embark, form.
start (verb)
begin, develop, originate, emerge, initiate, appear.

Other synonyms:

lunchtime, the forenoon, nascence, occur to. outset, high noon, draw out. opening, close in. onset, draw in. appear. occupy, arise. think. go through. flash. strike. break. run.

Usage examples for dawn

  1. The day began to dawn and Jackal became uneasy. – South-African Folk-Tales by James A. Honey
  2. She did not let him know of her presence on the verandah, and he said nothing of his departure in the dawn – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  3. They began to feel some sense of responsibility for it, some joy and hope as the possibility of doing it began to dawn upon them. – The Making of a Country Parish by Harlow S. (Harlow Spencer) Mills