Synonyms for Invention:


wisdom, clarity, intellect, intelligence, reason, judgment, common sense, brilliance, intuition. falsehood, misinformation, contraption, half-truth, discovery, white lie, lie, disinformation, a tissue of lies, untruth. coin, devise, ability, contrive, breakthrough, ingeniousness, creative, ingenuity, make, Frankenstein's Monster. machine. belief, myth, figment, real, fiction. cognition (noun)
excogitation, conception, innovation, design.
composition (noun)
inclusion, compilation, constitution, construction, formation, fabrication, composition, combination, embodiment.
creation (noun)
establishment, formulation, generation, development, origination, production.
creation, creativeness (noun)
design, contrivance, development, imagination, creativity, brainchild, inventiveness, innovation, contraption, discovery, ingenuity, originality.
discovery (noun)
excogitation (noun)
excogitation, formulation.
fabrication, lie (noun)
falsehood, figment, fiction, untruth, fantasy.
imagination (noun)
dream, creation, fantasy, supposition, creativity, brainchild, Daydreams, vision, contemplation, imagination, thinking, Dreams.
invention (noun)
excogitation, conception, innovation, design.
originality (noun)
inventiveness, creativeness, originality, innovation.
plan (noun)
coordination, proposition, expectation, anticipation, conception, scheme, intention, plot, arrangement, plan, contrivance, blueprint, idea, chart, premeditation, aim, design.
untruth (noun)

Other synonyms:

ingeniousness, white lie, untruth, half-truth, disinformation, discovery, fiction, misinformation. falsehood, ingenuity. lie. Other relevant words:
clarity, fiction, judgment, intellect, devise, contrive, contraption, untruth, brilliance, misinformation, excogitation, breakthrough, half-truth, machine, intelligence, ingenuity, disinformation, make, falsehood, myth, discovery, belief, creative, ability, reason, figment, intuition, lie, wisdom, coin, white lie, ingeniousness, real.

Usage examples for invention

  1. And it was An- ina's invention – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. Necessity, they say, is mother of invention but fear, too, is not barren of ingenious suggestions. – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad