Synonyms for Engineer:


inventor, draftsman, designer, technician, surveyor, starchitect, planner, builder, science, electronics, mechanical engineer, graphic designer, civil engineer, interior designer, structural engineer. fix, motorman, fireman, map out, finalize, arrange, think ahead, driver, dream up. originator, progenitor, creator, wangle, creative commons, worm, pioneer, author, finagle, visionary, get, finesse. keyboarder, network administrator, SYSOP, beta site, systems analyst, developer, system operator, programmer, hacker. bosun, buccaneer, captain, crewman, cap'n, boatman, crew, company, docker, boatswain. farrier, glassblower, electrician, gasman, cooper, bookbinder, cabinet-maker, cobbler, carpenter. porter, signalman, linesman, railroad, lineman, conductor, stationmaster, inspector, guard. personalize, streamline, personalise, plan, invent, design, reengineer, individualize, draw up. engineer (noun)
engine driver, locomotive engineer, mastermind, organize, technologist, applied scientist, organise, orchestrate, railroad engineer, direct.
person who puts together things (noun)
inventor, builder, designer, surveyor, originator, planner.


cause (verb)
evoke, provoke, drive, force, make, elicit, give rise to, engender, effect, cause, generate, inspire, bring about, execute, motivate, enforce, produce, induce, act, originate.
devise; bring about (verb)
organize, plan, finagle, originate, effect, arrange, wangle, direct, cause.

Other synonyms:

inventor, systems analyst, farrier, cooper, carpenter, originator, beta site, stationmaster, SYSOP, lineman, bookbinder, reengineer, creative commons, gasman, draftsman, finagle, surveyor, civil engineer, interior designer, starchitect, glassblower, system operator, cabinet-maker, keyboarder, electrician, structural engineer, programmer, individualize, linesman. hacker, pioneer, progenitor, streamline, designer, creator, wangle, cobbler, finesse, inspector, signalman. developer, author, conductor, visionary, invent, personalize. railroad, porter. design. worm, plan. guard. finagle
Other relevant words:
fireman, personalize, designer, reengineer, personalise, bosun, applied scientist, programmer, locomotive engineer, carpenter, docker, guard, technician, porter, organise, get, inspector, mechanical engineer, technologist, linesman, arrange, buccaneer, hacker, pioneer, civil engineer, gasman, progenitor, lineman, driver, builder, glassblower, cobbler, direct, plan, individualize, streamline, signalman, worm, inventor, starchitect, science, design, railroad, wangle, crew, planner, electronics, finagle, bookbinder, conductor, creator, motorman, electrician, mastermind, engine driver, company, farrier, cabinet-maker, fix, surveyor, boatman, finalize, captain, developer, stationmaster, railroad engineer, organize, originator, cooper, visionary, keyboarder, boatswain, SYSOP, invent, orchestrate, finesse, author, draftsman, crewman.

Usage examples for engineer

  1. Where's the chief engineer – The Second String by Nat Gould
  2. Commanding Engineer Major Fahland. – The Franco-German War of 1870-71 by Count Helmuth, von Moltke
  3. Suddenly I see the engineer get up from behind the bushes and walk swiftly over to the summer- house. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun