Synonyms for Fake:


assumed (adjective)
made-up, false.
fake (adjective)
forged, fraudulent, sham, mock, phony, artificial, reproduction, affected, counterfeit, bogus, spurious, simulated.
false (adjective)
study at false.
pretentious (adjective)
imposture, la-di-da, stilted, forced, stagy, showy, stiff, imitation, deceitful, ostentatious, studied, counterfeit, unnatural, mock, false, fraudulent, theatrical, posing, Impersonating, Masquerading, forged, facade, affected, artificial, synthetic, overdone, histrionic, bogus, pretentious, mannered, ersatz.


keep up, play out, play along, tease. hollow, sugary, forgery, insincere, disingenuous. made-up, imaginary, spurious, supposititious, hypothetical, suppositious. be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, insinuate yourself (into something), pack, get your hands dirty, hustle. act (noun)
show, pose.
artifact (noun)
sham, postiche.
bluff (noun)
deceiver (noun)
counterfeiter, criminal, imposter, deceiver, forger, cheat, fraud, charlatan, con man, con artist, Defrauder, phony.
fake (noun)
fudge, bogus, forgery, mountebank, pseudo, imposture, artificial, faux, phony, pretender, fraud, counterfeit, imposter, wangle, falsify, impostor, pseud, cheat, cook, manipulate, sham, faker, false, phoney, forge, role player, charlatan, unreal, bull, misrepresent, simulated, postiche, imitative, shammer, spoof, imitation.
feign (noun)
imitation (noun)
misrepresentation (noun)
farce, cartoon, lampoon, exaggeration, caricature, burlesque, satire, travesty, distortion, misrepresentation, spoof, takeoff, parody.


assume (verb)
imitate, pretend, impersonate.
bluff (verb)
fake (verb)
copy, bluff, disguise, simulate, affect, forge.
misrepresent (verb)
distort, misrepresent, exaggerate, satirize.
pretend (verb)
defraud, masquerade, affect, pose, falsify, bluff, claim, pretend, deceive, disguise, stage, impersonate, imitate, forge, show, cover, counterfeit.

Other synonyms:

made-up, imaginary, play along, tease, hypothetical, play out. mountebank, quack, photocopy, spurious. keep up, duplicate. hustle. pack. duplicate

Usage examples for fake

  1. Fake interviews and rumors of threatened death and disaster in impenetrable jungles made frequent appearance; but in an incredibly short time the flame of interest died from want of fuel to feed upon; and, as Mr. Stanley G. Fulton himself had once predicted, the matter was soon dismissed as merely another of the multi- millionaire's well- known eccentricities. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  2. In the end he scented a fake kick and warned his line. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour