Synonyms for Endowment:


bounty, alter ego, foible, fault, propensity, affectation, award, predisposition, flaw, incarnation, persona. charitable, community chest, ability, donate, cause, alms, qualification, community service, charity, collection box. bequest, inheritance, pension, stipend, trust, subsidy, subvention, legacy. supporting, Establishing, funding. aid (noun)
benefit, sustenance, aid, agency, help, encouragement, ministration, motivation, support, attendant, Mothering, facilitation, relief, assistance, avail, service.
cognition (noun)
natural endowment, talent, gift.
endowment (noun)
talent, endowment fund, natural endowment, gift.
gift (noun)
benefaction, contribution.
large gift (noun)
dispensation, bounty, bequest, bestowal, inheritance, benefaction, funding, trust, donation, legacy, award, benefit, income, provision, stipend, grant, subsidy, pension, revenue.
offer (noun)
bid, offering, attempt, invitation, concession, approach, deal, tender, offer, citation, bestowal, issue, advance, present, grant, investiture, quotation, gift, overture, submission, donation.
personal talent, ability (noun)
gift, qualification.
receipt (noun)
receipt, remuneration, compensation, profit, dividend, gross, return, wage, credit, gate, salary, income, net, earnings, revenue.
supply (noun)
board, replenishment, provision, delivery, dispensation, supply, deployment.

Other synonyms:

flaw, persona, propensity, foible, affectation. alter ego, incarnation. fault. inheritance
Other relevant words:
donate, ability, endowment fund, charitable, subsidy, cause, Establishing, persona, bequest, stipend, predisposition, qualification, inheritance, subvention, talent, charity, alms, propensity, incarnation, funding, bounty, fault, legacy, pension, award, supporting, flaw, natural endowment, trust, foible, affectation.

Usage examples for endowment

  1. He gave much time and care to the education of his son Charles, who, in addition to a wonderful resemblance to his mother, appears to have inherited much of the musical endowment of both parents. – Great Violinists And Pianists by George T. Ferris