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phantom - 113 results
Other synonyms:

visitant, spook, fantasm, darkness, tail, dryad, hypothetical, shade, bogeyman, spectre, synthetic, hallucination, shadow, haunt, fraud, delusion, bogle, fantasied, supernatural, dark, fantastic, being, imagined, a figment of your imagination, beings, make-believe, tincture, phantasma, fictional, invented, eidolon, revenant, made-up, unreal, fantasy, fabulous, fictitious, shadower, devil, imaginings, pretended, specter, apparition, vestige, fanciful, falsehood, doppelganger, phantasmal, guardian angel, notional, genie, phantasmic, imaginary, imaginal, mythical, trace, chimerical, false, visonary, ghostly, simulated, optical illusion, fake, ideal, pretend, bogey, wraith, mock.

Examples of usage:

You will ask, how could a silent immaterial phantom effect that? - "Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle", Joseph Sheridan LeFanu.

For thousands of years men have enjoyed the light of the sun without letting the phantom of honor darken it. - "Honor: A Play in Four Acts", Hermann Sudermann.

Already Earth doth seem A phantom place to me, And thy far home of dream, Is my reality. - "The Ballad of the Quest", Virna Sheard.

Similar words:

phantom orchid, phaeton, phaethon, phantasy, phantasy life, phantasy world, pharaoh ant, pharaoh's ant, pharaoh's chicken.

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