Synonyms for Catching:


all (adjective)
contractable, contagious, transmissible, communicable, transmittable.
communicable (adjective)
contagious, transmittable, taking.
contagious (disease) (adjective)
dangerous, infectious, pandemic, epidemic, Miasmatic, taking, transmittable, pestiferous, communicable, pestilential, endemic, epizootic.
widespread (adjective)


advanced, benign, congenital, autoimmune, asymptomatic, clinical, acute, chronic. move. catching (noun)
espial, infectious, spying, contractable, contagious, detection, contracting, spotting, transmittable, transmissible, communicable.
contagious (noun)
endemic, noxious, Miasmatic, dangerous, pestiferous, pestilential, epidemic, virulent, epizootic, pandemic.


acquiring (verb)
fetching, Heaping, Claiming, Pocketing, netting, wrangling, landing, Retrieving, Accumulating, Palming, Adding, purchasing, Garnering, assuming, Cornering, incurring, buying, Luring, scoring, Receiving.
capturing (verb)
getting, Occupying, Obtaining, Securing, winning, taking, Apprehending, arresting, Achieving, Snaring, Capturing, Collaring, Snatching, abducting, seizing, Gaining.
hindering (verb)
bottlenecking, choking, Clogging, braking, Entangling, thwarting, opposing, Crimping, baffling, blocking, barring, jamming, Hamstringing, Encumbering, Entrapping, constipating, Impairing, Snagging, Resisting, inhibiting, congesting, Paralyzing, Detaining, Delaying, Deterring, countering, Plugging, Burdening, Fouling, Checking, dragging, restricting, Damming, hindering, Complicating, frustrating, curbing, constraining, Obstructing, Cramping, Tangling, Interrupting, Hampering, fettering, Handicapping, Snarling, Staying, Miring, impeding, Bunging, crippling, stopping, Restraining.
taking (verb)
Amassing, Annexing, Levying, harvesting, gathering, acquiring, impounding, bagging, Appropriating, Commandeering, Reaping, Procuring, Monopolizing, Depriving, Nabbing, Confiscating, collecting, Usurping, Grabbing.

Other synonyms:

autoimmune, virulent, benign, asymptomatic, congenital, clinical. chronic. advanced, acute. Other relevant words:
communicable, pandemic, contagious, advanced, infectious, virulent, asymptomatic, epizootic, noxious, detection, dangerous, spying, pestilential, spotting, Miasmatic, contractable, endemic, transmittable, chronic, espial, epidemic, pestiferous, contracting, transmissible.

Usage examples for catching

  1. Shure she has all her days at home, Miss Tattine, save on a holiday, when we go for a day's drive to some of our neighbors', but I doubt if I'm catching just what you're maning. – Tattine by Ruth Ogden
  2. Then catching Jess by the hair with his left hand he made his effort, and a desperate one it was. – Jess by H. Rider Haggard