Synonyms for Contemplation:


anoint, consecrate, circumcise, circumcision, blessing, ceremony, confession, celebrant, bless. regard, view, focus, soul-searching, forethought, introspection, look, sight, assessment, see. brainwork, excogitation. contemplation (noun)
reflection, reflexion, musing, rumination, thoughtfulness.
deep thought; planning (noun)
plan, consideration, pondering, cogitation, purpose, ambition, reflection, deliberation, meditation, rumination, design, study, musing.
expectation (noun)
fear, pessimism, expectancy, foreboding, expectation, apprehension, anxiety, worriment, apprehensiveness, presumption, dread, uncertainty, anticipation, suspense.
gazing at (noun)
survey, examination.
hope (noun)
hope, yearning, confidence, wish, desire, eagerness, faith, sureness, aspiration, optimism.
imagination (noun)
fantasy, vision, creativity, dream, creation, supposition, invention, conception, Dreams, brainchild, Daydreams, idea.
intention (noun)
plan, design, ambition, purpose.
introspection (noun)
question (noun)
interrogation, question, inquiry, interpellation, inquest, query, probe, exploration, survey, examination, quiz, poll.
soul-searching (noun)
thought (noun)
lucubration, wistfulness, calculation, absorption, analysis, appraisal, reflection, Debating, intellection, musing, preoccupation, weighing, thinking, cerebration, imagination, study, attention, evaluation, deliberation, concentration, brain work, engrossment, daydreaming, reasoning, meditation, cogitation, speculation, thought, consideration, pondering, envisioning, brooding.

Other synonyms:

celebrant, ceremony, anoint, excogitation, brainwork. circumcision, confession, bless, consecrate, look. blessing. sight. view. self-examination
Other relevant words:
reflexion, sight, excogitation, introspection, rumination, view, purpose, ambition, brainwork, design, thoughtfulness, soul-searching, regard, anticipation, consecrate, look, plan, anoint.

Usage examples for contemplation

  1. Waldron arose, paced to the window and stood there looking out over the vast panorama of city, river and harbor, apparently absorbed in contemplation but really keen to hear what Flint might do. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. In later times under the influence of the idea of transmigration heavens were imagined which corresponded to the degrees of contemplation – Buddhism and Buddhists in China by Lewis Hodus
  3. Those questions which a person puts to himself in contemplation ought to be terminated with points of interrogation. – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown