Synonyms for Effect:


centripetal force, bonding, balance, calorific, absorbance, centrifugal force, amplitude, attraction, capillary action, air resistance. contrivance, aside, backstory, content, precipitate, harvest, end product, the credits, ad lib, corollary, comic relief, sequent, denouement, ramification. cherub, effectiveness, efficiency, effectualness, influence, format, affect, effectuality, flavor, homage, composition, efficaciousness, legend, commission, draftsmanship, aesthetic, potency, efficacy. aspect, actualization, Styling, appearance, look, face, cast, under/in the guise of, surface, be, externals, realization, being, materialization. belonging, personal effects, movable, fixed asset, possession, property, stuff, asset, personal property, lares and penates, owned, thing, valuables, good, chattel, appurtenance. form, catalyze, create, invent, inaugurate, start-off, set off, trigger. air (noun)
attribute (noun)
impression, force.
changes (noun)
adjustment, correction, shake up, alteration, evolution, trend, transformation, reform, change.
effect (noun)
burden, outcome, issue, eventuality, consequence, set up, aftermath, aftereffect, effectuate, core, gist, event, upshot, sequence, offspring, essence, bring about, impression, fruit, wake, outgrowth, result, force.
efficacy (noun)
impact (noun)
influence, impact.
impact, impression (noun)
efficacy, effectiveness, essence, use, force, influence, efficiency.
influence (noun)
impression, effectiveness.
practice (noun)
sequel (noun)
descendant, posterity, afterthought, epilog, follow up, Postlude, postscript, sequel, codicil, coda, legacy.


apply (verb)
exercise, serve, exert, operate, implement, practice, use, employ, function, conduct, apply, utilize.
creation (verb)
set up, effectuate.

Other synonyms:

composition, efficaciousness, effectuality, lares and penates, materialization, personal effects, personal property, belonging, end product, externals, effectualness, trigger, Styling, effectiveness, draftsmanship, actualization. cherub, legend, flavor, chattel, efficacy. property, homage, corollary, impact, realization, movable, appearance, aspect, influence, stuff. possession, efficiency, commission, face, potency, harvest, aesthetic, cast, format, ramification. look. being. surface. thing. begin
trigger, set up.
Other relevant words:
effectuality, impact, corollary, effectuate, potency, sequent, impression, influence, effectiveness, create, harvest.

Usage examples for effect

  1. He had tried fear, with the same lack of effect – Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. This is the small arm which had such great effect for the French in the first days of the war. – A Journey Through France in War Time by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
  3. When it came, she was not in; I put it in her room, and waited to see the effect – Two Years in the French West Indies by Lafcadio Hearn