Synonyms for Effects:


belongings (noun)
property, goods, chattels, possessions, holdings.
effects (noun)
outcomes, wakes, aftereffects, personal effects, Eventualities, sequences, offsprings, consequences, outgrowths, upshots, Fruits, issues, results, events.
luggage (noun)
merchandise (noun)
merchandise, ware, inventory, staple, commodity, produce, goods, stock, cargo, article.
merchandises (noun)
staples, Cargoes, stocks, articles, wares, Inventories, merchandises, Commodities.
personal property (noun)
possession (noun)
property, worth, personal effects, acquisition, wealth, holding, possession, kingdom, empire, territory, realm, land.
possessions (noun)
lands, realms, possessions, Territories, empires, acquisitions, holdings, worths, Properties, kingdoms, wealths.
properties (noun)
Resources, domains, manors, grounds, chattels, inheritances, belongings, realties, principals, estates, fixtures, ranches, farms, real estate, assets, titles.
property (noun)
manor, title, inheritance, chattel, realty, estate, legacy, farm, domain, ranch, principal, ground.
sequels (noun)
epilogs, sequels, codicils, postludes, afterthoughts, follow-ups, codas, postscripts, Legacies, descendants.


applies (verb)
implements, utilizes, functions, Exercises, uses, applies, operates, conducts, serves, exerts, employs, practices.
causes (verb)
inspires, evokes, enforces, motivates, engenders, forces, makes, engineers, generates, originates, induces, causes, brings about, produces, Drives, executes, provokes, elicits, acts, gives rise to.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
personal effects, baggage.

Usage examples for effects

  1. Both effects of the opium, I suppose. – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  2. At no time is this need of abundance of light of greater importance than when the plants are young and, if they fail to receive it, no subsequent favorable conditions will enable them to recover fully from its ill effects – Tomato Culture: A Practical Treatise on the Tomato by William Warner Tracy